Well, here I am, still in Toronto,  having missed 2 dates for travel to Newfoundland. 

The Premier has closed Newfoundland to travel; if I did fly and land I would be put on the next plane back if I  didn’t have identification with a Newfoundland address on it.

They have had very few cases of the virus and I am hoping they will want tourists in the summer,  so hopefully they will lift the rules. 

We shall see, next stop would be the UK, where my summer clothes are.

So, will wait and see what happens over the next 2 weeks before I make any decisions about future travel.

The other option would be to travel in Canada over the summer but right now I am saying all plans are up in the air. I also hope to do a book tour sometime in 2020, just don’t know when at this point in time.

Being in Calgary was a great change and friends Linda and Frank were the perfect hosts!

Airports were empty, planes had less than half the capacity, it was very easy travel with all the safety rules in place.

Seeing friends and Grandkids while all socially distancing in the backyards and still working on book publicity which is fun.

My friend Kathy Barrett who lives in the beautiful Catskills, in New York, very close to Woodstock, did a brilliant one hour radio interview with me on her blog radio station. Thank you Kathy! Please listen

Next blog – I hope with a plan!

Stay safe and happy, 



One thought on “STILL IN TORONTO, WISH I WASN’T!!!

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  1. Betty, it has been a rough week, but Tomiko is slowly getting better. She sees the surgeon on Monday.

    Fingers crossed!


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