Calgary, Here I Come

First of all, I hope everyone is well?

I have been in Toronto since March 9th, which is a long time for me to stay anywhere! luckily I have been very busy promoting my new  book ….In Search of Spiritual Intelligence… and have received some lovely reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and my Publishers website  

Keith, a friend in Penang, Malaysia, told me when I finished my book my work would just be starting; and he was right. I’ve had interviews with radio shows in Seattle, Washington, Washington, DC, and India.

My readers have been great in terms of leaving reviews, who knows where it will go, but I am very proud of this book and feel the timing is perfect for it. 

I had a meeting with both set of Grandkids in their driveway, my grandson Ben made me very fancy cup of coffee with foam and all.

I will be visiting friends Linda and Frank in Calgary, then back to Toronto, after that not sure. I have a ticket to Newfoundland for June 1st, maybe a little early. Then trip back to UK on June 15th, very doubtful, the UK is not in good shape. I think they waited too long before closing down, don’t think Boris would make the same call now, after his close call with death.  

My summer clothes are there,  so we shall see, take one flight at a time.

West Jet have been very good with cancellations, no extra fees when you rebook, but I also happen to have the best travel agent, Greg in Cambridge UK, I have ever worked with. The rest of the year I have no idea about travel, just may travel in Canada, which isn’t so terrible. 

I have been keeping in touch with friends around the world, even India seems to be in relatively good shape, if the numbers that are reported are true. I have Doctor friend who is head of one of the areas Medical Associations and he sends me the news. 

Everyone stay well, wear a mask and gloves, social distance, this could be the new norm!!


3 thoughts on “Calgary, Here I Come

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  1. Dear BettyEnjoy yourself wherever you may be.Your book is a great success!.Love you as always.Here all are well and still in lockdown,which is fine for me!God blessMat

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  2. Welcome to Calgary, Betty! The weather is not very spring-like yet, but Calgarians are generally a friendly lot in spite of the unseasonable cold. But it is getting warmer. It’s good to hear that your new book and interviews are doing well; I plan to order a copy and know it will make for thought-provoking reading. –Mary Anne in Calgary

  3. Betty, Amazon delivered a copy of your book yesterday, but I have dipped into it yet – doing my company’s annual accounts. Will let you know when I have read it.


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