I have been back in Toronto for about 5 weeks, it feels like months, not because I am bored, but because of the information and changes in the world, I am on information overload!

I have no idea, what will happen to my future travel plans, I have 7 flights between May 1st and June 15th when I should arrive back in the UK., at this point I am not very comfortable with the thought of travelling.  The airlines are very fair about flight changes.

I venture out in a Uber car about twice a week, my route is bank, drug store and grocery store, everything else closed, so not very exciting, I could visit Walmart, but not sure I am ready for that!

My time is spent working on promoting my new book, which is fun and keeps me learning, talking to friends and contacts, gathering reviews, being on radio shows, doing social media, i am learning all kinds of new ways to communicate.

Zoom is brilliant, this way of communicating for picture and audio is easy and if I say that, it is!

I live in a house with who I call my Toronto family,  Jacquie who is a  social worker with Refugees and is very busy working from home, and also supplying great dinners every day, Kessell, who renovates homes and daughter Malaika, who is in film school.

Malaika has been a god send, she trimmed my bangs, gave me a manicure and with the help of the best hair stylist in the city, Bill Angst put dye on my hair to cover up my roots. I am very lucky.

I first met Bill many years ago, I had read an article in Toronto Life about Bill, I called him and he basically interviewed me on the phone to see if I was his type of client. Bill sends me around the world with tubes of hair colour for me to use on my travels.

He is one of the coolest men I have ever met, his shop is not in a great area of Toronto, but his clients are the who’s who of the city and he is the best in terms of coloring and cutting. 

The good thing is having the time to catch up with everyone, the bad, not knowing how we will be left health wise and financially in the future – and this goes for the whole world.

I feel really fortunate that I arrived back in Canada just before emergency measures started; that I am in a good house with nice people, and my book “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence” was published early, not May as I thought, that would have been much more difficult.

Also, the second edition of “My Way” was republished, both are available in print, kobo kindle, google books, on Amazon and all major book sites worldwide.

As far as the future for the Nomadic Intern – I have no idea what that means at this point, should I continue travelling around the world?

Should I settle somewhere? Some of the questions.

Meanwhile to everyone, please follow the rules, and stay safe.

A huge shout out to our Politicians at every level, thank you, you are doing brilliant job!!!



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  1. Dear Betty.I am enjoying heavenly silence in Mount Abu my home.I have a lot of time for meditation and prayers for the world going through its transformation.We know that a far better world will come after this dark period.All people will understand that we are trustees of this planet,as soon as we let go of I and mine,it will recover by itself.In God we trust, we all know it.Love youMathildesister

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