Norway, the most beautiful scenery, its rival is Bhutan!

This blog will be mostly pictures of the Northern Lights, yours truly,  trying to get my daily dose of vitimin D, my ship mates, the Ice Hotel, and of course just magnificent vistas.

Just to say, pictures cannot do this trip justice; the snow, the cold, just the feeling that we are the only people in the world.

I am on a small ship of 200 people, we can go many places that the large ships cannot, it is a working ship, stopping at 35 ports with cargo, mail etc., and picking up the locals who use this ship to travel to next town for work etc.

The food is excellent, everything is fresh and local. 

Enjoy the pictures !!!


2 thoughts on “Norway, the most beautiful scenery, its rival is Bhutan!

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  1. Oh Betty, as beautiful as your pictures are, being present would be awesome! Thank you for sharing, such an adventure! Please look after yourself, no ice rock climbing!

  2. Betty, the advice from the guys on the North Atlantic freighters to Murmansk during the War was: “Don’t fall overboard!”

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