My last blog was posted on March 6th, I left Norway, spent 3 days in the UK to change luggage, and took a flight to Toronto.

I arrived 2 weeks ago, and I feel very fortunate to be here, in Canada, staying with the great family I always stay with here, we are safe, and healthy. 

Here in Canada nothing is open except Pharmacies and Grocery stores; libraries, bookstores, schools and all sporting events have been shut down.

My grandson was going on special educational trip to Europe, all cancelled, he is quite disappointed. 

The world is shifting, and I have no idea where this will end! 

I think our Canadian Politicians are doing an amazing job, the Mayor, Premier and Prime Minister; deferring payments and giving people that are losing their jobs money to live on, very impressive!

We will live in unknown territory for a while how long who knows! So, stay healthy and happy, and don’t get too bored.

I am in Canada until June 15, at this point with trips to Calgary, Swan River and Newfoundland, before my trip back to UK. 

My books, “My Way” and “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence” is now on Amazon and also available on Kobo, Kindle and Google books.

I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to all the people I interviewed for the book, and my grandson Ben, who contributed to the book.

They were so open in sharing their lives in every way.

The other person who deserves a big shout out and thanks is Charu Bahri my collaborator, we worked together online for nearly a year every day, Charu is in India, her instincts, talent and smarts are superb!

Please follow the new norm of life for the next little while and above all



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  1. Wonderful Betty,You also stay, healthy wealthy and happy.God bless you and your familyMathildesister

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