Manuscript delivered to Publisher … “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence” !!!

I am now back in Cambridge UK, to deal with luggage, various appointments, and meeting with my Publisher to try and map out this year as much as possible regarding travel!

I must admit this is all very exciting to have 2 books published in the space of a very few months; I have no idea where this will all go, but it doesn’t matter, just wonderful, a wonderful opportunity. Rick Armstrong, Managing Director of Fisher King is my publisher, Rick and his staff are excellent to work with.

Funny story, In Mauritius I was eating my Muesli one morning and I thought I had discovered a peanut, it turned out to be a tooth, a crown,  went to the Dentist who said I could wait  until I got to my dentist in UK. The Maurtius Bk sisters were chuckling about this, but they took excellent care to make sure I got to the right place.

I would just like to say thank you to Dr. Galan and his assistant Julie in Cambridge,  who is a very competent Spanish Dentist; I’ve gone here for 4 years. They fixed me up and gave me the best advice !

Most of my time in Mallorca was spent on finalizing my book, very intense but met a wonderful new Canadian friend Kelly and her husband JP, he is swiss.

Stayed with Patricia, an 88 year old lady; what a great experience. She is very bright, sharp as a tack and had this group called Wise Woman, where people came of all ages every couple of weeks to hear what she had to say.

She still has a lot to offer to the world !

The homeless problem is getting worse in Cambridge. Every time I come back camps are being set up, one guy in front of Mark’s and Spencer‘s has mattress and white sheets in his area.

Next blog, I should be able to share my travel plans, the only 2 dates for sure, my Birthday in Montreal to see Elton John, and meeting my grandkids and family in Amsterdam in July.


2 thoughts on “Manuscript delivered to Publisher … “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence” !!!

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  1. Sorry about the tooth, Betty, but all’s well that ends well, apparently. Wonderful news about your new book. Will it be available in Canada? Happy journey back to Canada and then to Amsterdam. I was there once for a week and found much to see but Anne Frank House was the most poignant, even if despite (or maybe because of) wall to wall tourists.

  2. Happy journeys , enjoy, enjoyLove from MadhubanMati

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