Manuscript delivered to Publisher … “In Search of Spiritual Intelligence” !!!

I am now back in Cambridge UK, to deal with luggage, various appointments, and meeting with my Publisher to try and map out this year as much as possible regarding travel! I must admit this is all very exciting to have 2 books published in the space of a very few months; I have no... Continue Reading →

Travelling To The Other Side Of The Pond!

I left Newfoundland after a very difficult summer; friend issues, ill friends, and going through the process of insurance after my accident - which finally got settled the day I left.  The insurance company settled with the car company, through many emails,  blame, and questions. I think it was difficult to believe that a mirror had hooked onto my mirror... Continue Reading →

Cambridge UK!

  I arrived in London and was picked up to go to Cambridge for 2 days, one being my 71st birthday! (Scary thought). I was the guest of the Brahma Kumaris and Sara an English teacher, who is a young friend. I had met her in India a couple of years ago when I was... Continue Reading →

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