Travelling To The Other Side Of The Pond!

I left Newfoundland after a very difficult summer; friend issues, ill friends, and going through the process of insurance after my accident – which finally got settled the day I left. 

The insurance company settled with the car company, through many emails,  blame, and questions.

I think it was difficult to believe that a mirror had hooked onto my mirror and that was the reason I was dragged across the highway. I finally said to the adjuster  – “Did you see a mirror on the damaged car?” – it was completely gone, I think he got it. 

I am back in Cambridge staying at Heather’s; which is my place here and having the help of my friend Paul with luggage storage, airport transport etc., (couldn’t do what I do without Paul).

I spent time in London with Mia and family who happens to be the daughter of very old friend Jan, seeing Briony  in Norfolk, Simon in London and of course the Cambridge crew.

I was asked to be guest speaker at the Rotary Club, which was fun and quite well received, I think. I received a wonderful contact for a Publisher for my book and am travelling to Leeds next week for a meeting; plus I will see friend David in Leeds, he was interviewed for the book.

Getting everything organized for next 3 months of travel – plans, Doctors, hair, nail appointments, currency, and of course 2 suitcases packed for 3 months – India,  Mauritius and Majorca, Spain!

It is quite a feat, I am travelling to the Azores island off of Portugal next week for few days. 

All for now!

Leaving the Beauty of Newfoundland

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  1. Sorry to hear you had trouble with the insurance company which seems to be the way of the world at the moment. Wishing you safe travels, sending love and I hope that you continue to enjoy your adventures. xoxoxo

  2. Thanks for the recent update on your activities in life. I am so glad you can still do it all, I know I couldn’t! All is well here and we are enjoying a relaxed time late summer while the weather holds up! We do not have any immediate travel plans but I expect that to change before long; meantime 23 can just relax and enjoy our lovely garden and view across the lake. Hope we can get together again before too long, meantime take care and have fun. Love as always Prue


  3. Welcome to our good old India.See you soon. With love fromMathilde .

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