Life On The Rock!!

We are travelling on the west coast of Newfoundland after visiting a magnificent place in Labrador called Battle Harbour – a historical fishing village;  you take a boat, stay over night and eat tasty, fancy food in a lovely setting. It is quite expensive to do this, for the 3 of us it was approximately 800 dollars and we stayed in a very upmarket bunk house, with 12 bunks, luckily we were the only people in bunk house at the time.

We are now travelling in Gros Morne National Park,  which is now a UNESCO Site, it is 697 square miles over 1,800 kilometers.

I will be heading back to St. John’s on Saturday to stay with best friend Barb; she has been with me through thick and thin for over 20 years.

I was shocked about 10 days ago, when she greeted me with “I have a brain tumor!”

She was operated on few days later and is now recovering she has always been a very positive person and has great energy. Her partner Fred was just wonderful how he handled the situation; he is so caring for Barb.

I have number of ill people around me, I would love to say it is due to age, but most are younger than me.

Friends from Harbour Grace that used to be my next door neighbors, are now moving to Calgary, after packing up here.

Wishing Frank and Linda, all the best, I will visit them in Calgary.

Following with many pictures of Newfoundland!!!


Travels to Labrador and Newfoundland!!

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  1. Dear BettyHappy yourneys,meetings and blessings  for all friends.Loveful greetings from rainy Mount Abu,we had sufficient rainfall for coming two years! Thank God!IBYMathilde

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