Beautiful Newfoundland

Sometimes in life people can surprise you and sometimes it may even be by friends, big time! Both positively and negatively, but real friends will always be there for you. I was told by a friend a number of years ago that I can be very naive about people; because I take them at face value and end up missing it when people have hidden agendas. I guess I will continue to choose to still be naive, but I will try to never repeat the same mistake twice.

I am getting ready to go on a Historical Adventure car trip with Joyce and Sharon, to different areas of the Rock and Labrador during the last 2 weeks of August before I travel back to the UK.

The book is coming along, I think we have 18 chapters to date. It is quite a long process to include the contents of 42 interviews; I am also spending time researching publishers around the globe.

Jody, my daughter, is getting married in October – to Laurie – nice man, just not sure where the location of the wedding is yet; they will have a blended family of 5 kids.

We had lunch the other day at the town of Dildo, Jimmy Kimmel of late night TV has taken a shine to this town and has talked about the town on 3 different shows; he is fascinated by the name.

Dildo has 1,500 residents,  but no Mayor, so Jimmy has announced he would like become the Mayor of Dildo; the residents said they would advise him in a few days,  true Newfoundland Style.

He has had sign posted outside his studio in Hollywood California, saying “this way to Dildo, over 4,000 miles away.” Watch on YouTube,  just fun!

Dildo has the definition of the word on front of the menu at the Dildo Dory Cafe, see on picture below .

Enjoy !!!!

Beautiful Newfoundland

Good Friends Linda & Frank

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  1. See you soon my dear Betty, enjoy your tripMathildesister

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Funny! I’m going to call you Betty Gray as in “Dorian Gray” from now on. WTH!
    You keep getting younger-looking so there must be a “fountain of youth” element to your traveling style of living! Have a great few months. I forgot to ask you when we spoke when will you be heading my way? xoxoxo K

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