Accident and Icebergs

I have arrived in one of my heart homes, Newfoundland. I will be here for 3 months. First thing I wanted to do was travel and see the icebergs. They are just amazing.

Before I left Toronto I was in horrific car accident on a major highway. A massive 18 wheeler truck caught my mirror in his. It was very freaky. I was dragged across the highway and back, before I hit the barrier. My airbags deployed, front of car fell off as well as the passenger door. As I was sailing across the highway, my only thought was if this car rolls over I am dead, so I pulled my seat belt tighter, which I don’t think made any sense, but at that point I was terrified!

The car was totalled and I have massive bruising, a cracked rib and foggy vision in one eye, but I am very lucky to walk from this. As time goes on more things happen to my body, which I am told is trauma.

I am very lucky to be here with my good friends Peggy and Denise, who yell at me in a nice way, when I am attempting too much. The other interesting thing was that it took about 10 minutes before any cars stopped and asked if I was ok and called 911. I think that says something about our society, cars just kept buzzing by.

The Police, Medics and Fireman came very fast after that. I am fine, it will just take little time.

Enjoy the Iceberg pictures!


Majestic Icebergs


7 thoughts on “Accident and Icebergs

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  1. Dear Betty.
    What drama and what an horrific experience! We’re so glad to hear you’re “ok”
    Send you big hugs and hope you’ll recover soon.
    Om shanti 🙂
    Svanborg and Ottarr

  2. Dearest Betty,Take care,this is another karmic account finishing.Baba says your last accounts are with the body.Beautiful icebergsWe might not see this again till the next kalpa.Love youIBYMathildesister

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  3. You are one amazing woman, Betty! I think the forces of the universe were pulling for you to survive this horrific accident, as you have a lot of travelling and writing and sharing yet to do. Please don’t hurry yourself in the healing process, though; remember the tortoise that got to its goal just fine by taking a little longer.

  4. Betty I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. How frightening. You’ve always been a survivor. Heal up and feel better. Love always, B

  5. Betty, do take care of yourself. It sounds like a truly terrifying experience for sure. It was great to see you. I just finished My Way and found it fascinating. I feel so lucky to have worked with you along the way.

  6. So glad you survived …”Car-ma” indeed! Be well – sounds like you are in the perfect place to heal … for now …

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