Iceland, 6 Days of Brilliant Sunshine!

Just returned from Iceland where I attended the Spirit of Humanity Forum. It is an excellent forum. I reconnected with old and new friends. This is the 4th forum, and it continues to grow and bring people together from around the world who are concerned with the state of the globe and want to make positive changes.

I had wonderful hosts; my friends Ottarr and Svanborg. Their beautiful apartment is covered with walls and walls of books. We had many chats on many subjects which is always fun for me. We also visited their summer home which is in middle of a forest. Iceland was sunny for 6 days and very green. I had never experienced such beautiful weather on any of my previous trips.

Iceland is a country of very bright, independent, creative people. They are very stylish in fashion, in an unusual way.

I will be back in Toronto for a very few days before heading to Newfoundland, and the Icebergs.

PS: Iceland is a little concerned about their economy again, but feels they are in better shape to weather any storm, much better than the last crisis. Apparently WOW Airlines went Bankrupt, so at the moment fewer tourists are arriving. I feel the tourists will continue to come because Iceland is now on peoples list. I have never heard anyone say Iceland wasn’t worth the trip.





3 thoughts on “Iceland, 6 Days of Brilliant Sunshine!

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  1. Hi Betty Great to hear from you and glad all is going well! All is well here, thank God, and we are just relaxing and enjoying the weather and time of the year! If you re around for a while perhaps we could meet up for lunch of for supper, whichever you prefer and can manage just let me know. Meantime time care and lots of love Prue


  2. Wonderful Betty,what a great planet we are allowed to be trustees off.!Love from mnt Abu.PS we had an earthquake of significance strength,all ren outside!

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  3. Hi Betty, lovely to hear of your trip … looks beautiful in Iceland … nice pics … have fun in TO – for now, j

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