Interesting Couple of Weeks!

It has been very busy and not all wonderful. First of all getting everything to the Insurance Company for the accident has been quite a nightmare. My body has nearly recovered and the bruises are nearly gone. I have a small contusion on my leg.  I still have one more visit to the eye Doctor.

I have probably the best eye surgeon / eye Doctor I have ever had anywhere in St John’s. He sent me to Hospital for special scan. When I first went my vision in my left eye was 80 over 20; 3 weeks later 40 over 20, so again very lucky. I had blood in bottom of my eye. Doctor said my body was in trauma!

Other issue, my bookkeeper of 40 years is undergoing very major surgery, so there are a lot of unknowns.

I am very lucky and happy to be in Newfoundland for the summer. I am staying with my wonderful friends Denise and Peggy. They have a lovely home and have made me feel very welcome with my own suite of rooms. Peggy is first class cook and I haven’t had the same meal twice in a month. Denise is a special friend that I have interviewed for book.

I am also spending time with my old friend Barb and her partner Fred in St John’s. In the middle of August, I am going on a Historical Newfoundland trip with other friends Joyce and Sharon. Also, wonderful times with Frank and Linda, more on that later and contacts made.

All of this happening, and I have found time to work on writing the book. We have completed 15 chapters to date.

The beauty of this Province never ceases to surprise and amaze me. I am writing this sitting on a great big blue chair by the ocean, with sunshine, seagulls squeaking beside me and an iceberg still in sight while it is 27 degrees!

All pictures below are from one of my heart homes Newfoundland!

Ben and Megan, my grandkids, with their Raptor's Cake for the Basketball Championships

Ben and Megan, my grandkids, with their Raptor’s Cake for the Basketball Championships


2 thoughts on “Interesting Couple of Weeks!

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  1. I loved all the pictures; they show a beautiful part of the country which I am sure you love! Great hearing from you and hope we can meet up again before too long. Meantime, take care and lots of love as always Prue


  2. Thanks so much for the note and update. So glad all is well. All is well here thank God, and we are relaxing and enjoying our summer. So hope we can meet up one of these days; will you be in Toronto at all? Hope to hear from you again before too long, meantime take care! Love as always Prue


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