Near the end of India visit!

Eight more days left of a very successful trip! My friend Geeta;  I say a very big THANK YOU  for the wonderful accommodations at the Lake Inn Hotel. The staff there bent over backwards to fulfill my needs. They were not too used to Westerners. I would also like to thank John. He is in charge of food and beverage at the main hotel – Hotel Hilllock. He looked after all of my food needs without spice, onion and garlic, and the Chef was very creative with salads. John was also in charge of my travel.

I have also had physiotherapy every day for my hand, which has been necessary to gain mobility. I have been seeing a wonderful new Doctor at the Global Hospital, Hemalatha, really cared about treatment and I must admit, if doctors in UK had told me what to expect I would have lived with crooked finger.

It is a Holiday here today called Holi Festival of Colors. This morning I was serenaded at breakfast by drums. Water and coloured powder are worn by people, like a mask on their face. Happy Celebrations!

Being within walking distance of the BK complex has also made this trip special. I have met up with many old friends from around the world and have attended a few programs.

As far as my book goes it has been very successful. I have accessed all interviews, around 40, and have written a background and relationships to all. I have now passed on to my collaborator, many notebooks and a first draft of book should be ready in few months.

This trip to India has had special feel, a feeling of belonging! Only time will tell.

Only in India, next door to my hotel, restaurant was put together in one day.

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  1. Wonderful to have you around Betty, in God’s home and his familyMathilde your sister

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  2. What beautiful surroundings! How special. Glad you are nurturing your hand. So excited about your book! Wonder how many past lives you have had in India, as you always seem to feel at home there. Keep well.

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