Fun Pictures!!

Only in India; Enjoy!

Fireworks in Mt Abu
Only in India, convertible!
More of the car
Heidi, long time resident of Mt Abu from Switzerland!

3 thoughts on “Fun Pictures!!

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  1. Love the pictures and glad to see all is going well! All is well here too, thank God. Let us know when you will be back home and we will try and make a date to get together! Love Prue


  2. Lovely photos. Looks like you are enjoying your time in India xxx
    Lots of love 💕 xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Looking great Betty!!

    How are things? Lots of change and turmoil for me but trying to keep my head above water and keep smiling and adventuring.

    I escaped to Florida for two weeks and took my road bike and did 8 days of cycling which is like going to church/meditation for me. I just booked two weeks in Mallorca at the end of April/May where I will do more road cycling with some friends.



    Sandy Thayer 10 Wheelhouse Crescent Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 0J9 1(705) 888-7355


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