Living in India for 2 months is lovely, frustrating, lots to learn, many layers to the culture, never boring, and as this is visit 22 or 23 since 1990, there must be something here for me. Actually I think of India as one of my homes.

I am getting into a rhythm working on book for 3 hours every morning at my writing table over the lake and the mountains, lunch at hotel, or at one of the BK’s complexes, both are very close,  one within walking distance, seeing BK friends, and other friends, meditating at my favorite places, going to market, etc.

Anyone who comes to India, has to realize they say yes to everything and getting them to tell you what is really going on is a skill you learn over time.

Indians are just brilliant with laundry. The best I have found anywhere in the world. I am being looked after very well by my friend Greeta and her very capable staff. There are 5 chefs in the kitchen and they work very hard to make delicious food I can eat. As I write this, I am eating great pizza and salad!

Indians can adapt to anything and are very bright and quick. I have always said, if you have 2 staff you can replace with one Indian and be ahead.

Planning and the execution of an event would take us 6 months in the west. They can in 2 days plan the most amazing event with all the trimmings. Tents, food, flowers, clothes for hundreds of guests, if sometimes not thousands. Sometimes, they just invite their whole town or village.

Once I was having my nails done somewhere in India and I was talking to this lady. She asked me my name, got up and said she would be back in a few minutes. When she returned, she had a formal invite with my name printed for her daughter’s wedding. I couldn’t go, but I was very touched and impressed.

The book is moving along well, I think I am too close and just want it to be very personal.

You will see pictures of an Indian wedding. The groom had to sit on white horse for a long time waiting for his bride!

I am on the way to Goa, the south part, which is very lovely. I am going to visit Canadian friends Greg and Victor for few days.

Very hot 35! I plan to get nails done, something that can’t happen here in an easy way!

Enjoy the pictures.


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  1. Oh Betty, you seen to be settling in well. I’m glad the book is coming along and that you are having a break in Goa! Marvellous. Days are getting slightly longer here and a tinsy bit warmer ( but maybe not tomorrow or the next day!!Grrrr! ) Keep enjoying, experiencing and keeping safe! Joanne. Xxx

  2. Betty, I sent you a recommendation for a book by Parag Khanna. I have no idea what your new book is about, but I thought you might find Parag’s book about Asia to be an inspirational setting for your writing. He nails the change that is going on between the West and Asia. I am totally blown away by his analysis because of my own narrow window on Asia. I don’t know if this would help the setting for your book, but I thought I’d send the recommendation to you in case you are looking ofr context.


  3. You look radiant! Gosh, here I thought you would be missing all the snow, cold, and pot holes! You never mention any of those things, lol. Glad you are in a great space, doing what you need to do.

  4. Love to chat , can we call on messanger , better than Skype? Love b

    On Tue, Feb 26, 2019, 9:37 PM The Nomadic Intern, wrote:


  5. Hi Betty: I thought you were still in UK. So happy for you that you are in India. Life sounds like it is shaping up in an interesting productive way for you. Are you there indefinitely? or do you have a next step planned? I’ll check on the time difference, and plan to give you a skype call. Enjoy the colors, flavors and textures of India. Take care. Barbara

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