From Cambridge, UK to Mt Abu, India!

I had wonderful time in Cambridge, catching up with friends, getting ready for 2 months in India, buying necessary items I can’t find in the mountains and of course sorting out luggage with a very patient Paul. There is a big luggage issue with Emirates airlines, they changed their baggage allowance to less, and I didn’t notice when I booked. If you are overweight, they charge you 50 US dollars per kilogram, very expensive!

Back to Cambridge. I feel that friends in Cambridge are like family in many ways.

I am on the mountain top, at a lovely little hotel on the lake. It is owned by my friend Geeta. I am being treated very well, great food, car and driver when needed, all in all very comfortable.

I feel a little all over the place, finding time to work on the book, which I am very excited about! I am adjusting to new surroundings and finding time to see BK friends.

In the first few days, I attended an event where the Japanese Government gave a sizable donation to my favorite hospital. I am told by my friend in Toronto that this could be a new policy to fund projects in the Asian, Pacific region. I must admit I was very surprised. I also attended a Medical Conference in Hindi where I needed a translator. The speakers were first class!

Enjoy the pictures!

PS: I also have found great Doctor at my little hospital, who is giving me hand therapy every day, so I can regain total motion and strength after surgery .



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  1. Betty, Thanks for your email.  I always enjoy reading of your adventures. Please note my email is now:  If you could update your address book I would appreciate it. Brian

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