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As you know, this year I have to make a decision on where to live because of medical coverage. I don’t think I want my base to be Canada, travelling is much easier and cheaper from Europe. The Grandkids are all growing up very quickly, so, not the same involvement as when they were small.

Having a base in UK is very doable. l have a passport. The trick is to find an affordable space to use as base. My criteria is a city with an international airport and a city that has culture and my cinemas of course. I would also want a space that is in walking distance of a city centre (none of this will be easy to find)

I plan also to try and acquire a 10 year visa for India. That will also give me another option. People ask me if I am interested in another relationship. It would have to be just very spectacular. I have male friends around the world, but settling  down is difficult for me now. For years people would say to me I wasn’t normal (whatever that means); well now I agree. I enjoy the movement, different cultures, people and just enjoy most things I do and get involved in.

I have committed to writing another book. The working title is….In Search of Spiritual Intelligence…and will include essay type interviews with people all over the world using my travels and my own spiritual journey as a backdrop. I must admit I am very excited about this and I will need piles of help and it will take at least a year, if not more.

So, for now, back to the cold in Canada!


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  1. Did you ever consider Vienna/AUSTRIA? Voted THE BEST livable city in the world… 9 times in a row. I love it here!

  2. Om shanti

    Here is the proposal, offered to me
    for a new publisher. I believe your email, came to me @ right time l, so I could make use your expertise. I believe you are God sent.
    Your advicewill be most appreciated.

    Thank you

    Rainuka Dutta

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Om shanti Betty

    I am planning to have my cook book published. I will need your advice on whether I am on right track or not. I have contacted a publisher in Victoria B.C.
    I will forward you info.

    Just let me know, if it make sense. I have no clue how publishing works.


    Rainuka Dutta

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  4. Hi Betty

    Thanks so much for this wonderful letter!

    What a challenge you are facing in endeavouring to write another book! I haven’t even managed to write one and just do not have the energy to do so these days!

    I wish we had somewhere that we could offer you accommodation in England, but at present do not know of anywhere available.

    We certainly have no connections in India, but hope that the right place will be open for you close to the people you want be connected with.

    Let us know when you are around here in Toronto so that we can get together; all is just fine for us at the moment, thank God. We are not going far and are not working too hard; retirement is rather pleasant, so apart from a few nursing home services and assisting in our own parish, that is enough for me. Bruce spends a lot of time and energy on the charity he works for internationally, but it keeps him out of mischief and leaves me free!!

    Snow here for the past 24 hours, so Bruce is just doing clean up and I am staying inside!

    Take care and let us know if and when there is a chance to meet up, meantime enjoy life and don’t work too hard!

    Love as always

    Prue >

  5. Hi Betty, Cambridge has an airport, I think you can fly to Amsterdam from there, and then on to who knows where. Best wishes from Eve & Dave xx

  6. Well, the very best in your search for a new solid foundation. Just putting this out through the universe will certainly loosen some of the kegs belonging to foundations. I wish you lots of success and always look forward to hearing of your travels.

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