I arrived in Toronto on February 9th and it has been a whirlwind of appointments and seeing everyone. I am still trying to decide where I should use as my base, Canada or England? My decision doesn’t have to made in a hurry or maybe not at all.

I did accomplish getting a 10-year visa for India, which took 13 hours over 3 days, and 3 visits to various Indian government offices. I started with the downtown office where I was told they just handled emergency visas. They sent me to the office in the west end where they thought a 5-year visa was enough. On top of that, they wanted my passport for a week, which wouldn’t work because of trip my to Tampa.

I had met the Consul General over lunch before and had done a very small favor for his wife, so, I sent him an email requesting an appointment. He replied very promptly with a yes. This gentleman holds an open house for 2 hours on Friday mornings, so I went downtown again where I waited for over 2 hours, and for those who know me, patience is not my strength! I told the Counsel General (lovely man by the way) why I wanted a 10-year visa. I want it because, maybe as I age, India would be the place to settle. Within 2 minutes, 3 gentlemen descended in front of me asking for my passport and 20 minutes later I had a 10-year visa in my passport. I was very pleased. I see this as another possible option for my life.

I am planning away for the writing of the new book and received a wonderful opportunity. Brenda, a friend who lives in California and works all over the world has made me great offer! We met on plane 4 years ago flying from Athens. We have kept in touch and have even met in Cambridge for dinner a couple of times.

Brenda has an apartment in Thessaloniki Greece on the sea and has offered it to me for month of April. This is great because I need a place to go where I can be disciplined and write. I can also do interviews for my book in a beautiful setting on the sea. The apartment looks lovely and apparently has received a 5-star air bnb rating. So, back to Greece I go before going to Dorset in UK for the month of May. I will also look at other options in the UK when I am there.

As far as the book goes, I will spend few days in Halifax in the middle of March with my friend Judy who has offered to be my coach for the book. Judy will push me and keep me on the straight and narrow. My granddaughter is in University in Nova Scotia, so, Spencer and I will spend some time together, which will be special.

I am on plane on way to Tampa to see old friend Betty. Betty was on city council many years ago with her late husband Bill. I ran her first political campaign when I was a young Mother. I haven’t seen her in a couple of years because of my travelling. It will great to spend time together. Betty is an 88-year dynamo plus the 80 degrees and sun is never difficult to take!

Where I am in Florida!! Hot, Hot, Hot!

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  1. Greece awaits you! It will be good practice for my apartment to have a writer working there. I plan to do the same in the years ahead!

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