Observations in Athens and visit to Thessaloniki!

Culture is alive and well. I met an actress who wasn’t paid, (no money for salaries) but felt continuing her craft was very important.

Family units are very strong here. Two examples of this are; that the actress went back to live with her family and I met a young engineer that was offered a job in Canada. He decided to stay in Greece because he said Canada was too far away from his family.

Everyone is in a big rush and courtesy is not extended in any way lines, seats; anything.

People feel the younger generation must make the change before the Government listens in any way. Not just demonstrate, but some strategic changes and methods must be employed.

The Australians have done very well from a business perspective here.

When I hear conversations in the Greek language it all sounds like a very long story they take so long to say anything. The unemployment rate is anywhere from 24 percent to 50 percent depending on who you talk too.

Athens feels very safe. Just have to be careful in crowds as there are lots of pickpockets.

I had a wonderful visit to Thessaloniki with new friends that I had met in Athens. Velko; very entrepreneurial and smart, involved in many businesses and has superb connections.

His wife is just lovely and very smart also. The kids were great. We will certainly stay in touch.

They were excellent hosts and showed me an amazing time. Right now I am sitting in the lounge in the airport waiting to go to Athens hopefully later today as my plane was cancelled this morning because of high winds.

I have 10 more days in Athens!

PS – The weather is perfect for me between 10 and 15 with sun everyday. The Athens Studios where I am staying, I would recommend to anyone, excellent service in every way. I will have stayed here over 2 months with an amazing deal, because it is the winter!


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  1. Great update! So glad you made it to Thessaloniki… Lovely city.

    I hope you get to return and go to Mount Olympus which is close by and very beautiful.

    I really enjoyed seeing that.

    Take care and enjoy life in Athens, Sandy

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