2 Weeks in My Life!

I am at Madingley College in Cambridge for the weekend taking a course on the work of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (brilliant and fun)‎, with very good leaders.
Tomorrow I am back to packing, as I leave the UK for the time being on the Freighter. My luggage issues are interesting.  When I started my Nomadic Journey in the UK I had 5 suitcases and every time I traveled to Canada, I would bring more stuff back, which was very silly! Now I have 9 suitcases‎. My friend Paul will store some of these,(thank you Paul) So before I go to Athens for the winter, I will come back here for few days to sort out luggage. Also, Mark from the Community Bus is downloading movies and books for me, NO Internet on freighter! ( thank you Mark)
I had some very sad news.  A very close friend of mine of over 30 years passed away,(I was very shocked) and another friend in Maurtius is ill. I send her my love and very best wishes!!‎!.
A British friend Simon, took me to the Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall which was wonderful‎. I also met with Dadi Janki in London from the BK’s She is 102 years young and still has the spark.  I walked in the room and she said sit down and proceeded to read the Murli to me (she has  been very special in my life for 30 years.)
My friend Jenny is taking me vintage shopping in Norwich and is under strict orders not to let me buy anything!
I am also attending a day conference on World Religions, that a friend of mine has organized. We will study equality across religions .
So, eclectic as ever‎!
Believe it or not my Granddaughter Spencer is starting University!! (Spencer I love you and am very proud of you)

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  1. Hi Betty Thanks for the update; it is great hearing from you. All is well here and we are at home until our next England visit in the Fall. Hope we can get together again before too long, so lets stay in touch. Meantime love as always Prue >

  2. How exciting, only YOU would travel on a freighter! Did not even know that they allowed that. Sorry about your friend Betty, my condolences. Prayers for your other friend. Blessings to all.Take care, looking forward to you writing about that ship captain on a that freighter.

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