National Health in UK

I woke up on Saturday and decided to take myself to the emergency ward of the hospital in Cambridge.  It is called Addenbrooke’s and is a world renowned hospital. It is massive in size like a small city!

I was concerned that my left leg might have a blood clot. It seemed to match various symptoms I had and with all the flying I did it could be possible. I went to reception where an intern took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse within 5 minutes, they just wheeled a portable unit over to me.

Ten minutes later while I was still trying to get bottle of orange juice out of the vending machine, a greeter appeared and said they were taking me to an investigation unit for Thrombosis issues. I didn’t know if I should be scared or relieved! In a very short period of time a Doctor arrived and introduced herself. She had someone take 5 vials of blood from me and sent me for tea until blood work came back. That took one hour and they also did ultra sound on my leg. The results were no blood clot; maybe arthritis. My Mother developed arthritis very young so I wouldn’t be surprised. They are referring  me to a consultant to check.

With all the complaints in the UK about health care, I have to say the care, service, and information I received was just amazing. I was in and out in just over 2 hours and everyone I met was very pleasant and good at their job.

Emergency wards are never fun, but this was very impressive!  On the way home I listened to Stephen Hawking (who lives in Cambridge) and is a famous scientist with Lou Gehrig’s disease ‎ He was totally endorsing the NHS. Maybe Cambridge is just lucky to have just a brilliant hospital!

Thank you Addenbrooke’s!


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  1. Glad you don’t have a clot. Think we all could find flaws in universal health systems, but I for one is grateful for ours. Also happy to hear that the experience itself being there was not overwhelming.

  2. Sending big angel hugs your way! You are truly blessed my friend. Love you and take care.

  3. Thanks for this one Betty and very pleased that the NHS looked after you well. It doesn’t always work out like that! Please keep us informed of the final diagnosis and I hope that it is not more than arthritis! Meantime take care and don’t try and do too much; as we are aging steadily, life gets tougher, so look after yourself! Hope to see you again before too long, meantime love as always Prue >

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