CCM La Traviata Freighter!

I am boarding the freighter in Southhampton UK. I am very excited about my new adventure! Derek my driver picked me up early morning for the drive to the South of England. Paul very kindly is storing 8 suitcases for me until I arrive back in Cambridge from India.  I will have 3 days to sort out luggage, before I travel to Athens! I have been asked by a writer to keep a detailed account of the Freighter trip. (I will try) Traveling like this needs a whole new language. Our ports include; Antwerp, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven plus La Havre and final stop in NY after 18 days!  ‎More info after October 2nd!


My room is really excellent. It’s a large corner room with 3 windows. 2 to view Ocean and one to see containers. There are 2 beds a sofa, coffee table, chair, large desk, full bathroom, and wrap around balcony!



5 thoughts on “CCM La Traviata Freighter!

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  1. Wow, it looks awesome. I am so ready to read about this adventure! Who knows you may create a whole new trend… Travel by Freighter by Betty Steinhauer! Yes!!!!!

  2. Looks like a great room and view. What an adventure! Have a safe journey my friend.
    We’ll be in port South Hampton on Friday and will wave from our ship. Love and hugs Peg and Denise.

  3. Thanks Betty! The freighter looks great. Hope you have a super trip and that we can meet up and hear about it when you return! Meantime love as always and have fun! Prue

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