Rome – Grandkids and Freighter!

I had a lovely 2 days with my grandkids Megan and Ben. They were with their parents David and Rochelle before they sailed on cruise ship around Europe. It was between 36 and 40 degrees in Rome, very, very, hot. The kids were excellent and fit in with all of their questions for the tour guides.

These kids were born when I was with my former partner Allan, but I always appreciated their parents including me and keeping in touch (doesn’t often happen with breakups).

I am in UK until September 15th. Then I board a Freighter Ship in South Hampton and travel to 3 ports in Europe and arrive in New York 18 days later‎. It will be quite an adventure! The ship has a French chef and wine is served at lunch and dinner. There is a pool and a gym, plus a very large room with sitting area, a bedroom and bathroom with an outside window. There will be 10 passengers. I chose this way to travel and not the inside cabin that was left on the Queen Mary, (nearly same cost) because getting dressed up every night doesn’t do it for me anymore! I am very busy sorting out luggage, how to travel to Toronto, then India and Athens for the winter.

Never Dull!!!

Freighter I will be on‎, My room will be at the top!
Freighter I will be on. My room will be at the top!

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  1. Hi Betty!!! What great adventures your are having. I am looking to hearing how you like the trip on the container ship. Looks like something really different.
    Sorry about the Rome heat! I recall the same fate a few summers ago. The fall sure is the best time in those parts but its always great to have the chance to be there regardless of the weather.
    Keep in touch and have a wonderful time!!!

  2. I’m not surprised you are going on a freighter as you mentioned back in 2009 that you wanted to do that. Rich and I have booked an awesome looking trip to China, all five star hotels and cruise ships balconies for October. Love hearing of your adventures. You’re my hero, love Christine

  3. This weekend I was in Vancouver by the water shooting with a fellow photographer and these freighters were part of our shootings. The most attractive part of these to me is the upper white section where all the life happens. Am sure it will be quite an adventure – maybe you can steer this big fellow if you hobnob with the captain … I have a smirk on my face as likely you can pull that off. Have a wonderful time and sure you will send your thoughts on about this experience to come. Lots of love, Joanne

  4. So glad you got time with your grandchildren. Also smiled and smiled, about you on a freighter! It actually sounds more like me, dressing up each eve can become a bit hectic. Truly would love to know how this boat ride went! Can’t wait for that insight! Be well, be safe, and continue to be who we all just love!

  5. Great that you had a good time with your lovely grandkids.
    Please let us know how your freighter trip went. Not too many people do it so there’s not a whole lot of fist-hand commentary available on it.

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