Great trip to the Rock (Newfoundland)!

I have just spent 19 days here with lots of sun and warmth. I am flying back to the UK with a suntan, highly unusual from this part of the world. I stayed with 3 different sets of friends; Cathi and Ches from Goose Bay Labrador; Denise and Peggy; and my old friend Barb.  Denise gives the most wonderful massage treatments and Peggy has written a song which is brilliant. I hope to push her to get it recorded. Barb was the one that got me settled in my summer home in Harbor Grace number a years ago. She is a very special lady with a massive heart. She now has Fred (a lovely man) in her life. I am just delighted!

I was very fortunate to stay with 3 very good cooks; superb food and fun times! Must have seen over 20 whales all over the Island. They seem to enjoy the sunshine too.

I was very busy trying to figure out next steps in my life. Do I stay put in UK countryside and use as base? Do I give that up and just travel? (Maybe a freighter), plus Athens and India are still in the cards! I want to go to Toronto soon to see my grandkids and my Canadian family! ‎ Portugal is also calling about special retreat centre I have been asked to see.

I have been coming to Newfoundland for 18 years, with all of its beauty and weather harshness. The people are very unique, what you see is what you get, which I love.

I will keep you posted!


In 4 days off to Rome to meet grandkids Megan and Ben for a visit!



3 thoughts on “Great trip to the Rock (Newfoundland)!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous Betty! I will be in LA end of November early Dec if you are anywhere near there.

  2. Newfoundland is soul country, due to the great souls on that island. Glad you had a stop by in such a great place, plus having that great weather is awesome! Glad you are well!

  3. Thanks for your excellent note and pictures! We are cruising down the Rhine and having a really good trip! We arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow and fly back home, arriving at about 4pm if we are on time! Hopefully we can meet up again before too long, meantime take care and have fun! Love as always Prue

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