Amazing Edinburgh!

Wow, what a beautiful city! I took the first class train from London, arrived in the sunshine and met my friend Will. Will is Minister with The Church of Scotland. He calls himself a shy Scott, but he has an important radical side and has made a difference. I met Will at the Spirit of Humanity in Iceland a few years ago. He is the reason I spent 3 days living at Windsor Castle as part of a think tank. (I was like a kid in a candy store). Will is also CEO of a Theology Centre close to Princeton University.  This is his day job. I had been adopted by Will and his family and they had arranged for me to stay with Ruth and Alan. Ruth is an executive with an International School and Alan is an envoy with UN for Human Rights They were perfect hosts. A big thank you to Will for adopting me and arranging everything. I really appreciated all of the kindnesses I received.

‎There were many celebrations; grandsons 1st birthday, daughter-in-laws graduation from Stanford with a PHD and Will’s lovely wife Joanna’s birthday.  All may I say happened with champagne flowing!!

The best part for me was that Will had arranged for us to take a train to Glasgow to see Georgie. Georgie is also a Minister and a doctor (PHD). I had met her at the Windsor Castle. She had been very sick and now has only a small part of her lungs left. Very early in my Nomadic journey I had visited her for few days and she was very ill. She was on breathing machines, but now, she is happy and active. She looks well and  somehow has managed her illness, with exercise etc. I was thrilled to see her healthy!! Georgie is one of the special people you meet in life!

Edinburgh is just an amazing beautiful city with a population of 500 thousand, great sites, small enough to do on foot, and everything you could possibly want.  ‎I would consider spending more time here!!

I also had tea with sisters at 2 BK Centers, always lovely to catch up‎.

Now, I may be in trouble with some of my English friends, but Scotland was a treat; helpful, great customer service, kind, caring people. Cities had soul and heart, and great energy!!

I made a visit to the Highlands, It was very rainy and lots of fog, but beautiful!

And of course I found the Film festival with Stanley Tucci. He presented his new movie The Final Portrait he had written and directed. They had public nights for 5 pounds a seat!!!(Toronto take note please).

On my way to Belfast for 3 days, I am sure another blog will be forthcoming!!



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  1. Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities, and you are right that the locals are friendly. They are in Glasgow, too. It is especially fun to walk down the Royal Mile from the castle to Holyroodhouse.

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