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I am living in the country, about 45 minutes outside of Cambridge‎, in a village called Great Staughton. It has 2 pubs, a butcher, a hair salon, one large church, a village hall, and that’s all. I am a few minutes outside of St Neots. It’s a very busy town with all the shops and an 8 screen movie theatre. I have to take a taxi to St Neots, which costs 11 pounds, in order to get to the bus which takes me to Cambridge. My other option is to take the wonderful Community Bus, which runs like clockwork 4 times a day and I can use my senior bus pass. It has 15 seats and usually has space, but on market day can be full!

The main driver is Mark. He is a young man of 32, very bright, loves politics, and understands life. He has chosen this profession and does it with great care for his passengers. Mark hasn’t missed a day of work in 6 and a half years!! Mark has twin brother who is Special Advisor to Chief Whip of the Government and has office at Downing St‎. He also ran in last election and did very well as a Tory .Between Politics and Netflix I have great chats with Mark.

Adam is another driver.  He is retired and has travelled a lot. Both of these gentleman were extremely helpful when I had my housing issue, finding places, using connections etc. I was very thankful!

The regulars on the bus are from all walks of life. Some have lived here all their lives. Keith has lived in same house for 62 years doesn’t travel, loves his Sports (which he bets on with the local bookmaker!), Bingo and gardening, and just may take a trip to Jersey!! Dave and his lovely wife Eve are very lovely local people! One gentleman takes the bus every morning to pick up the newspaper and we pick him up few minutes later‎ at other side of town.  We pick up students that seem to love school, a gentleman who wears shorts, (no matter what the weather), Carol, who is very smart dresser.  Everything she wears is totally coordinated color wise every day. For me this bus, I wish represented the world. These people really care for the wellbeing of one another. A lot could be learned from this little bus!! When I leave, whenever that is, I will miss the community bus!!


PS: on Sunday I was in Finsbury Park for lunch, site of the latest terror attack‎, very scary times for so many!!!

Driver Mark and Community Bus, THE BEST!!!
Driver Mark and Community Bus, THE BEST!!!

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  2. Aren’t small centres wonderful? I exchanged a large city for a medium one (Hamilton) and love the difference. Folks are just friendlier, kinder and not so harried. I’m glad you have found a spot and wish you all the best. It’s also so nice to read about positive things in the midst of the usual bad news.

  3. Hi Betty Thanks for this one; great to hear from you and that all is going well. Glad your transportation is also going so well! All is well here, although I am not feeling very good this week, am sick and dizzy! See the doctor soon! Otherwise all is going just fine here. Take care and hope we can get together before too long; we will be in England in the Fall, dates not yet fixed, will you still be there then? Love as always Prue >

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