Lisbon Portugal!

Hot, sunny, nice, lovely people, safe, inexpensive, and tourists are flocking to this city and helping the economy big time.

I should also say it is a very stylist city in many areas with beautiful fashion; but they don’t have a Uniglo store yet! Malls have shoe areas, jewelry etc. It really helps with competing prices!

I stayed at the BK centre in the heart of Lisbon for 5 days.  It is a very grand old Government mansion. They had acquired it in a very unique fashion and the furniture came from hotel that had closed down. They have the best of the best. I gave a public talk to over 100 people, with translation of course, on my experience of life, compassion and forgiveness. There were lots of good questions, that made me think.

Lisbon reminded me of Mallorca Spain. The streets, sites, communities, it has a very gentle feeling!! The Portuguese are very hard working, enjoy life, and they seem to have found balance. Lots of festivals and public holidays in June. I went to buy flowers for the centre at the market and for 18 euros I bought 3 large bunches of fresh flowers. The lady arranged them all and tied them with a beautiful lace ribbon; couldn’t do that in the UK or Canada!


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  1. So glad that you are enjoying Lisbon and Portugal! Take care, have fun and hope to see you before too long! Love as always Prue

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  2. Would have loved to be there with you! Portugal is a country that I have always wanted to visit. Safe travels, and congratulations! Much love, Gordon.

  3. Hi Betty Sounds like a really good trip! Hope we can get together before too long, meantime love as always Prue >

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