I have moved into the family home! I have a separate entrance and everything I need. It’s not the like the big home I was living in, but I am very comfortable here. The previous place, I wasn’t comfortable in at all! In fact, it kept getting more uncomfortable. I take things at face value. When people say something to me, I take it as gospel, which I am learning not to do at my tender age. People seem to have a very different interpretation than I do. I used to go out with a man that always said for a very bright woman, I can be very naive! I didn’t agree than, but now I do and I am learning at my age this has a down side, but also an upside!

‎P.S – I was coming home from a birthday party in Cambridge last night and on my last leg of the journey I took a taxi. When chatting with the driver I learned this guy only drove on weekends but he knows the owner Steve, who is whole other story. Steve is a real entrepreneur. He started from nothing. Before there were mobile phones he used to stop at pay phones to book his next job. Steve doesn’t read or write. He has about 150 cars, all top of the line. He sells cars, repairs engines, does it all and still drives to see what is going on .

Well, back to my driver, he has a  few other jobs, local politician. He also represents an area in Parliament at the European Union‎, but his best job is in the village where he lives.  They were going to close public toilets and he said no, and agreed to clean them every morning himself to set example! (not kidding) Just to keep them open, no one could make up that story!!!

Another P.S – Give the Manchester Concert a view. 3 hours of just good music, with the stars there for the right reasons! Even Justin Bieber, made me Canadian proud!




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