Brussels and Accommodations!

Brussels is a really diverse and interesting cultural city! ‎It was the gay pride weekend, and it was fun and out there!!

I had met my young ‎friend Analua in Cambridge about year ago. She has lived in many countries and speaks 6 languages; has a MBA and lots of other degrees, but she is having a difficult time finding job.  She has been looking in Germany and the competition is very tough. We stayed in a flat in the centre of Brussels, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, catching up and discussing life!

We visited the BK centre in Brussels, run by Kathyrn, where we had a wonderful lunch with other friends.

Lots of walking, good food, and I avoided the chocolates, waffles ‎ and ice cream ( it was tough).

There is a major police presence because of terror attacks; they bring the energy of the city down!

I must admit I avoided thinking about my accommodation issue back in the UK. I wasn’t looking forward to going back and dealing with it! , My friends and contacts had been busy working on my behalf, so the first day back I had 2 offers in London. One was from a nice gentleman I met at seaside in UK, who had been reading my blog. The other offer was from a small village outside of Cambridge. However, the one I rented was a self-contained space about 5 minutes from where I am now in the country, until at least August.  I felt great pressure off of me, I was very lucky.

Many thanks to everyone who helped and supported me!!!‎ I really appreciated the help, as far away as Colorado USA!


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  1. Hi Betty Thanks for the update and lovely pictures, and I am so glad all is going well for you! All is well here, life keeps busy and Bruce is working very hard on Compass Rose stuff and is even busier than I am! We were down in Stratford, attending Shakespeare plays for three days last week, having a really good time and next week we will be going to Kingston for a couple of days for Bruce to be singing in a concert there! Hopefully we can get together whenever you are back here in Toronto, meantime take care and love and blessings as always Prue Sent from my iPad


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