Ying and Yang of being a Nomadic Intern!!

Last week before I left for The Hague, I received an email from my friend and landlady saying her daughter was moving in and she needed the annex so I had to leave. (I was supposed to stay until October)‎ I was in shock. She said I would need to be out by the 2nd week of June, and I leave for Lisbon on June 9th.

It took me a few days before I could even talk about this and process the information.

I can’t move too far from where I am because all of my travel plans in the next few weeks are from London and my travel dates were planned according to the schedule of my landlady!

Accommodation is very tight and very expensive, after all it is the summer‎ in the UK!

The day after I received this email, I went to London, and was treated to a wonderful lunch in a private club very close to Buckingham Palace. We sat on the 2nd floor balcony, the sun was shining and it was warm!  (I chuckled to myself, this isn’t too hard to take for a Nomad soon to be maybe a homeless person)‎.

Everyone is working hard on my behalf to try to find an answer to my accommodation issue; friends, drivers, friends in other countries that have contacts in Cambridge etc.

We shall see!!

I am off to Brussels for the weekend on Euro Star train to visit young friend and talk about life!


2 thoughts on “Ying and Yang of being a Nomadic Intern!!

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  1. Hope you can soon work out your accommodation problems, meantime take care and love as always. Thank God all is well here! Prue >

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