No Mountain Top in South Africa!

β€Ž I am writing this small blog from Kings Lynn Norfolk at my friends Briony and Simon’s home. I am being treated to a Christmas Opera this evening for the twelve days of Christmas.

In my last blog I talked about my trip to South Africa where I went to look at possible locations for Betty’s Mountain Top. Well, I will still be SEARCHING!!!!

I am back in Cambridge and really enjoying it. I am looking forward to Christmas in the UK, from carol services, good food, parties, seeing friend’s, and the lights of London!


3 thoughts on “No Mountain Top in South Africa!

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  1. Have a very merry English Christmas … in my memories it is quaint o’er there. Back in ’75 I stayed a year in Norwich … 365 pubs and 52 cathedrals and churches – weird kind of balance but the memories are still there so I obviously found it sweet to recall. Enjoy yourself … you have looked high and low for the top to call your own – hope this 2017 is going to reward you for all your searching πŸ™‚

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