Happy Holidays!!


HAPPY HOLIDAYS, all the very best for 2017, may all your DREAMS COME TRUE!

Thank you for following my blog!



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  1. Hello Elizabeth:

    Judy and I really do look forward to your blog. Neither of us are famous for replying right away.

    I did want to bring you up to date on a few things.

    1. Mark is really progressing well. He has been told that he can begin receiving his shot now instead of next year. Those are the shots you and I received in our youth and those that have been developed since. When you receive a bone marrow transplant as Mark did, you lose your immune system. He has also been told he can return to work a year earlier, so by the summer, he should be back to work. His cost: Gas for trips back and forth to Princess Margaret, in Toronto and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in Buffalo. Meals on those days and parking. What a health care system we have. My heart goes out to the American people.

    2. Hugh keeps continuing to be cancer free.

    3. Hugh made a decision to leave the Bond Education Group on April 30th, to concentrate on Mark. He is now working on about 6 projects for other clients. This is retirement?

    4. The rest of the family here in Ontario and the west are doing well.

    5. Karl Kinsinger is not doing well and is really confined to his home. I was speaking to his daughter Lauren and she says she doesn’t think it will get better.

    6. I think you know that both Gerry Brouwer and Ted Gould passed away, this year. Gerry was assisted suicide.

    It seems like we are giving you nothing but news of people’s health. WE have just returned from spending a week in Atlanta, Georgia – that’s the one in the United States. We had a wonderful time. I was invited to an education conference organized by AdvancED a U.S. educational accreditation agency.

    We ae planning a trip to China and Vietnam in April taking a group of principals and school owners to introduce them to both countries. We will also be going to NFLD in the summer.

    Elizabeth, when you do return for a quick visit here, please put us on your itinerary again.

    Hugh and Judy


  2. And the best to you for the holiday season and 2017!.

    Steven and Linda

    On 18 December 2016 at 21:08, The Nomadic Intern wrote:

    > Betty Steinhauer posted: ” HAPPY HOLIDAYS, all the very best for 2017, may > all your DREAMS COME TRUE! Thank you for following my blog! Betty” >

  3. Have a truly Blessed and Happy Christmas Season!
    We are off to California on December 27th for a week and after we return, go to Barbados for a week!
    Love from us both

  4. Happy Holidays, Betty!

    Hugs across the ocean from our Cambridge to yours!


    Gordon K. McIvor

    Tel. (519) 622-9494

    Cell (647) 968-9949



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    Ce courriel est confidentiel et s’adresse uniquement à son (ses) destinataire(s). S’il vous parvient par erreur, en aviser immédiatement l’expéditeur et détruire ce message.

  5. Christmas greetings, Betty:

    Cambridge is a great place to spend the holiday season, listening to beautiful music, attending services in a beautifully decorated 500-year-old church, and eating yummy English baking. May your Christmas be a special one, and I look forward to reading more of your travels in 2017.

  6. Betty

    Happy Holidays to you as well.

    Best Wishes

    Upkar Arora, CPA, CA, ICD.D

    CEO, Illumina Partners Inc.

    141 Adelaide Street West, Suite 520

    Toronto, Ontario

    M5H 3L5

    Office: 416.861.1717

    Mobile: 416.567.8994


    Illumina Partners is an independent financial advisory firm specializing in providing organizations with practical solutions to

    complex business challenges.

  7. Happy holidays to you, my dear! Looking forward to seeing you on my next visit to Cambridge! Cheers!

  8. Hi Betty;
    Thank you for a year of great adventures. I look forward to each and every detail of your travels and adventures. You are a great inspiration for me! May 2017 bring to you all your dreams.

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