Arrived in Cambridge with 5 suitcases!!!!

I am writing this on my first day in Cambridge, and the sun is shining, believe it or not! The space I rented is perfect. Sarah, my landlady, did an excellent job with creating the space; it’s first class. There are excellent fixtures with the bathroom that has all the bells and whistles! I am very lucky! I am told I am in a very posh part of town, I can walk to city-centre in about 15 minutes through the park, by the river.

It was sad in way to leave Toronto, but I feel I am going to another new home (whatever that means). My friend Eric, from Montreal, took me to the airport, and was very gracious and helpful, with all of my luggage!!

I just registered with the National health scheme, it was very easy and civilized with my British Passport, our OHIP should take lessons, here they welcome you instead of treating you like an alien! Everything is within walking distance, and prices aren’t cheap, but it’s not terrible, (I think it is because of the neigbourhood shopping, not the city-centre! Cambridge is very small (the population is 125,000, including students), everything is reachable by foot; I pick up my bike (pink if you remember) and take it for a check up.‎

So very happy and pleased!!!

My time in Toronto was spent with friends,

Cambridge Ontario, lunch with friends Gordon, Mickey and Mickey's lovely Mom!
Cambridge Ontario, lunch with friends Gordon, Mickey and Mickey’s lovely Mom! 

my kids,

My Daughter Julie at my goodbye lunch!!
My Daughter Julie at my goodbye lunch!! 

my grandkids,

Dawson and Spencer at my birthday!
Dawson and Spencer at my birthday! 

celebrating my 73rd birthday (which sounds very old),

And with my daughter Julie!!
And with my daughter Julie!! 

and getting ready for my year in UK.‎ So happy and pleased!!!

More Later!!


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  1. Hi Betty We are at Hong Kong airport. preparing for flight home after a wonderful four weeks vacation. in the Far East concluding with church meetings here in Hong Kong. I will be glad to get home, as I am exhausted from all the travelling, even though it has been excellent! Will stay in touch, meantime Hope all goes well for you in Cambridge! Love Prue

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  2. So excited to hear about your transition! I was supposed to be in Cambridge today but an emergency appendectomy is keeping me at home another month. Will be there at the end of May. Perhaps we could grab dinner one evening! Best,Brenda (your one-time seat mate coming home from Greece)

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  3. All the best Betty in your new home.

    At some time you might want to take a longish bike ride to Saffron Walden. We visited the town many years ago and were impressed by an ancient maze there and one of the “Great Houses?” (Audley End). Shades of Downton Abbey! lol.


    Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 04:13:30 +0000

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