First 2 weeks in Cambridge!

I have been very busy, getting on the National Health Plan for Doctors and Dentists, applying for a free bus pass, and acquiring a discount rail card. Also setting up a new bank account, which was quite funny, I needed an account here to prove I actually had an address, so I went to Lloyds Bank, set up appointment, was greeted by a very prim and proper gentleman in tweed, who took my information, showed me a video on services and about 5 minutes later threw up his hands and said “Congratulations Madam, you have excellent credit rating.” He only took one call when I was there, (a client needed 700 million pounds for his yachts, “no worries,” he said!!!) Wow that is a lot of money, we then proceeded to talk about British politics for the rest of the hour (he had given me hour time line), and I was out the door, right on time.

Where I am living is working ‎is out very well, Sarah is just lovely, and a great cook so, every so often we arrange to have a meal together, plus she hosted a wonderful Australian dinner party, where I got to meet the neighbors!

My landlady Sarah at her Australian Theme dinner table, to which I have been invited!
My landlady Sarah at her Australian Theme dinner table, to which I have been invited!

I have been catching up with friends, and I will be travelling to York next week to see Nirmula and Robert. Nirmula does excellent spiritual work at the local hospital! And I will travel to Majorcia in June to visit friends, plus I will be visiting Sweden in July for 10 days to visit friends also.

A lot is going on in Cambridge, today I am attending reading of Plato‎ at the Orchard Tea Room, which has couches and chairs in the orchard where you enjoy tea! The other day I was walking along the street, a man stopped me and said, “You are dressed alright! Would you like to attend lecture with the head of the Chinese Film Industry, which was starting in 5 minutes at Pembroke College?”

Beautiful Chapel at Pembroke College!
Beautiful Chapel at Pembroke College!

and for me, someone that loves movies, it was perfect!

More to come, what I have no idea!! And that is the adventure.

Extra Pictures

Hard to see, but swan in Cambridge river upside down taking a drink!
Hard to see, but swan in Cambridge river upside down taking a drink!
Spring in Cambridge!
Spring in Cambridge!
Tired after day of riding on my pink bike!!!
Tired after day of riding on my pink bike!!!

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  1. Hello Betty:

    I think I told you when you visited that I was trying to organize a celebration in honour of Hugh’s 75th birthday and his 50th continuous year, in education. The celebration will take place on May 28th. I am trying to make a collection of e-mails for a booklet that I am preparing from friends and colleagues from around the world. Would it be possible for you to send an e-mail before May 26ththat I could include in the booklet. We know too that some people w2ill be phoning him. They said that they would call on the 28th. I don’t know whether you are intending to do that but if so, can I suggest on the26th or 27th. 150 people will be attending on the 28th and I’m afraid it will be hard for Hugh to take telephone calls on that day.

    You may be interested in knowing that Karl Kinzinger, Bill Hogarth and Brian Jamieson will be coming. I don’t know whether there are other North York people that you might know. Hugh said you would know them anyway.

    Thank you for considering my request.

    Love and Hugs


    Date: Fri, 6 May 2016 16:18:05 +0000

  2. Whee – I got a mention on your blog! And so did Nirmala; although your spelling make her sound very flowery – like a halfway house between Nirmala and Primula 😀
    See you for dinner, Betty – hope you’re having a fabulous time by the seaside today. 🙂

  3. Great to hear from you and to know that Allison going wellin Cambridge. We are just home from four weeks in the Far East, visiting Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong, having a great trip!
    Love from us both

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