India – one of my Heart Homes!!!

‎Well, I will start this blog off backward; I am in Ahmadabad.

Just hanging out and getting bored waiting to go to Chennai, to start trip around Southern India, they have been having heavy rains for 2 weeks, now the roads are rivers with boats and airport is closed, massive holes in roads, they have just craved in. I went to airport, got call not to come as I was standing at ticket counter, my luggage was going along belt ready to travel down chute, I yelled and red lights flashed, got my luggage back. The ever-ready BK’S picked me up and took me to their new arrival centre, which is very fancy, where I still am! The arrival Centre is where people come from all over the world arrive before they travel up the mountain for 4 hours, they stay for meal, tea, maybe overnight, even has power showers!

I have been here for 2 days so far, the BK’s as usual will do anything for you, today I spent running around in little Tuk-Tuk, doing errands etc., tomorrow, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair color at Taj Hotel Spa down the street. I am safe, so I will not complain about being bored.

I arrived in India on 12th of November to attend Dadi Janki’s 100th Birthday Party with group of 80 people from around the world (not BK’S) who Dadi calls her friends, who she has met and affected ‎in some way, interesting group 2 Former Ambassadors, 2 Member’s of Parliament, one from Iceland, one from UK, Hollywood movie Producer, who did Titanic and The Martian, which is big now, plus Business people, Doctor’s, Artists, Writer’s all very accomplished and best of all, my friends Mary and Chris from Tasmania, we had Christmas dinner on beach together last year, all who took the time to travel to India for Dadi.

This lady has been my Spiritual Mentor for 25 years; she doesn’t speak English, so all chats through translators.

Dadi Janki, my100 year old spiritual mentor!
Dadi Janki, my 100 year old spiritual mentor!

We had amazing 4 days, wonderful programs, fireworks, dancing, cakes etc.! It was great to catch up with whole bunch of people and I have been invited to Sweden, south of France and Portugal, when I am in UK next year (not bad).

I spent rest of time seeing old friends, visiting business owners in Mt Abu

Beautiful Mount Abu!
Beautiful Mount Abu!

and other friends that I have met over the years, traveling in cars, buses and on the back of Motorbikes (most fun)‎, also enjoying meditation and various discussions and programs! Now, when I arrived

‎I visited Dr Partap, friend who runs Global Hospital here,

my little finger was completely bent over, the one that had ring on that Dadi had given me 5 years ago, he took me right away to Plastic Surgeon, he took one look and said we are going to operating room, nurse all covered in green scrubs came at me with big cutting tool and cut off ring, it was cutting off circulation to the tendons!, all over in 60 seconds (try and get that service in Canada). Dadi gave me new ring to wear on another finger!

Only in India! More to come on travel to Chennai, it is just unhealthy, with disease and flooding!

Extra Pictures

Diwali lights!
Diwali lights!
And more!!
And more!!
Chair swing I have enjoyed many times at Heidi's
Chair swing I have enjoyed many times at Heidi’s
Dr Sharma at free Sunday Health Clinic, he is Doctor, Poet, Music Composer, Painter, Writer!
Dr Sharma at free Sunday Health Clinic, he is Doctor, Poet, Music Composer, Painter, Writer!
Guarding the Cauliflower!!
Guarding the Cauliflower!!
Very Special friend Sister Maltilde!
Very Special friend Sister Maltilde!

5 thoughts on “India – one of my Heart Homes!!!

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  1. His Lady B, as usual great info. You got the nag, to Penn it down.Keep going great Lady.Heidi 

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  2. Good to hear from you, Elizabeth. I have had two experiences in India. The more decadent was the Palace on Wheels but the other was as a guest of Swami Narayan, in Baroda. I represented Canada and spoke at a conference the Swami had organized. As I recall, however, the administrative headquarters was in Ahmenabad. Spoke to a group of 100,000 or so. Had my picture in the Baroda newspaper.

    Looking forward to your return.


    Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 15:58:51 +0000

  3. Loved it thanks Betty! You are quite the lady traveller, making connections and friends everywhere you go. Happy Christmas and New Year and we will be in touch when we return from California. Meantime love as always Prue

  4. Hi Betty, once again you made me laugh over the ring incident – glad it was just the ring that they cut off … so stay safe in the watery areas that you have been looking forward to visiting – water seems to be everywhere these days – my best to you, Joanne

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