Kuwait and Dubai- Where To Start?

I‎ have arrived in Kuwait city. My old friend Michelle

Old friend Michelle in Kuwait ‎ City!

picked me up and took me to a lovely apartment in a Resident Hotel on the Arabian Sea, it’s lovely and big.

Few impressions:

  • The drivers are the worst, they drive about 140km/hr. and no one cares, plus if they want to pass they will drive on shoulder of road (like a speedway)!
  • There are miles and miles of oil tanks and at night, with all the lights, it looks like a Star Wars movie!
  • The restaurants are always full, and there are whole malls made of just restaurants!
  • In the malls each type of shop has it’s own For example, all of the shoe shops are together, all of the baby clothes are together, etc.!
  • The homes are so large they make Canada’s so-called “Monster Homes” seem like small cabins!
  • There is wealth all around!
  • If the police decide you have done something wrong, they can deport you and they will just take you to the airport!
  • People are very concerned about ISIS and they apparently are beginning to own oil holdings!
  • People who live there know that safety is a concern!
  • ‎Canada’s billboards will advertise Ford and Honda cars, in Kuwait; they advertise Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s!
  • If you are a Canadian, you pay fair bit of money for VISA, which you get at airport and if you don’t have return ticket, no VISA, but for me with UK passport, no cost!
  • The Muslims I spoke with are very careful about the rules of their faith, and don’t want bad press!

I offered to pay for the fill up of the Lexus that was driving me around, my friends just smiled, a full tank costs about 10 Canadian dollars!

I had tea with lovely young woman, who was poet and had just had heart surgery, in her magnificent home (her poetry is very raw), I think she has seen a lot of sorrow in her life! I can’t even describe this house; all I will say is that we had tea in a very large, indoor garden!!

Kuwait city is an eye opener in so many ways!

Thank you to Harmony House, Aruna, Muno, and Michelle, for your great hospitality and care!

Beautiful BK Centre in Kuwait‎
Harmony House


BK Centre!
Harmony House

On to Dubai, this was my third visit. The first was in the late ninety’s, when some major building was happening, in 2008, lots of cranes, but all quiet (in recession), now it’s all built up, with no space left and it feels like it has come into its own!

It’s a shopper’s paradise in every way, the malls are so big, and there is one whole floor of just banks!!

Dubai is composed of 75 percent ex-pats who need a 2-year VISA and if they aren’t working and making money, or have money, their VISA will be denied!

So if you are a senior and have no income you can’t stay, no programs will support them!

As usual the BK’s contacts are very supportive and helpful.

I attended a Diwali party, fireworks went on for, believe or not, 3 hours.

In closing, I just arrived in Mumbai, India at their beautiful new airport. I thought that the domestic airport would have changed, I was so wrong, I had to take an old bus to get there, and without an ATM in site, I have no way to get money, so I have just brushed my teeth with COKE, now I will try to buy water with a credit card, which I hate to use here because of theft.

Extra pictures from Kuwait and Dubai

At the Mosque, beautiful Kuwait City!
At the Mosque, in beautiful Kuwait City!
Taken from window in Mosque!
Taken from window in the Mosque!
Old and new!
Old and New!
These two dogs have 60 different outfits, think that is wealth!!!
These two dogs have 60 different outfits, I think that is wealth!!!
Waiting for the Laundry Man!!
Waiting for the Laundry Man!!




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