Follow up on Chennai!

I have waited for 5 days and the weather was not improving, people were sick, about 300 had died so far, airport was still closed. I sent email to Prashant in Cambridge UK, because I knew he was from Goa, and I asked his advice. He sent very fast reply with a welcome and I was on my way to Goa. I found very cheap one-way ticket and Tammy, my amazing travel agent got me new ticket for Singapore and Bali, the orginal price was $970 Canadian, but Tammy got it for $195, which we will claim on Insurance. The sisters in Chennai are fine and are distributing supplies to the needy, as only the good work that the Bk’s do! I was very lucky; I didn’t get on that plane!! It is 30 Degrees Celsius and sunny in Goa!!


3 thoughts on “Follow up on Chennai!

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  1. thank you Betty for bringing the best out of so many places, even those places that were not a comfortable tourist area, you still have the wisdom and capacity to see some good in it all… truly you are an inspiration to us all… Rev. Marilyn Mazzotta

  2. Betty, the pictures from Chennai in the G&M are horrible. You were lucky that you weren’t already there. I hear that Goa’s nice – my mother’s cousin was married to a doctor from there. Enjoy – and stay lucky!


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