First 5 days in Penang Malaysia!!

I’m not too sure where to start. I left Toronto with many bruises, a bump on head and a black eye! The story of that was, I was having dinner with friends at their country home, I got up from the table carrying bowl of potato salad, I started walking from the candlelit dining room to the island in the kitchen, and fell over black dog on back rug, I sent 2 stools flying, hit my head on their granite counter and ended up on floor, covered with potato salad and surrounded by glass, that’s where I stayed until all damage was surveyed, boy was I sore!! I stayed overnight and went to bed with ice bags on my head and knees. I WAS BIG MESS!! My host and hostess took care of me and cleaned up. The next day, had many bruises, and a large bump on my head, I felt rotten, so I paid visit to Adam (my chiropractic) to put me back together again and thank goodness I trust him, because he said “I am going to straighten out bone in your skull,” and he did. So, all was well.

I arrived at airport to discover instead of going directly to Penang I had 28 hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur, (my travel agent goofed), so I booked hotel from a lounge near airport in KL, called the Tune Hotel, which was very basic and clean, but didn’t even have a phone in the room and 2 people would have to take turns going anywhere in a room!!!! It was small, and reminded me of a Japanese hotel I stayed at years ago.

I finally got to Penang, where 3 BK sisters were waiting for me with 3 different cars (lovely), we drove to my apartment, where Moses (the landlord’s friend) met me and took me around apartment. The apartment is big with its own swimming pool, block from the sea, a big flat screen TV, and all the bells and whistles, (I am lucky), it is very, very comfortable, I am renting from owner of Art Gallery in Penang, she’s a fun lady!

View from my terrace!!!
View from my terrace!!!

It’s a great area, with places to go shopping, restaurants, it is very hot here, and it’s also rainy season, but only rains for few minutes every day.

So, first impressions:

Mish-mash of an old and modern city, beautiful heritage buildings, large skyscraper’s, big malls, amazing food from all cultures and apparently Foodie’s from all over the world travel here to eat! The shopping is to die for, the selection and prices, it puts Canada to shame! And movies usually arrive here in English 3 weeks before the US (I am in heaven), and TV has all of the top series from US shown on same day as they premiere in States. The DVD’s, all of the top movie’s sell for 5 RM, which is about 2 dollars. I have been very busy since arriving; I’ve been taken around and have been meeting people. I am making speech next week to International’s Woman’s Association, and I will be a in discussion with a Professor about giving lecture to University of Malaysia Development Program, and I’ve been invited to of various kinds dinners, parties, etc. (I just hope I have the wardrobe)! People from all over the world live and work here, they seem to be here by choice and love it. That’s all for now, early days, but seems very good!! Right now I am waiting for friend to take me to The Penang Club for lunch! (Certainly not boring).


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  1. hello my dear friend! it has finally happened! I am a free woman of the world! papers were signed this month! thank you to all of my angels! life is wonderful and I can enjoy each day now to the fullest! stay well my beautiful friend!

  2. Hi Betty Bee,, hows my Black eyed Beauty..( the Darling Dog.).????? recovered from the shock..!!!!!. ( some tall gorgeous Blond made a unscheduled half -landing on moi furry back.. missed and hit some cabinet instead. not brilliant Lady B.. i would have guaranteed a very soft landing ..
    Ps. Hello from Heidi ( to the Black Beauty Owner ) I love all animals watching Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer.. every Show. daily isnt he something.
    see you soon Betty on the Mount.. 🙂

  3. Hi Betty We are in England for two weeks for meetings with the Archbishop of Canterbury and then some family time! Thanks four your blog and so sorry about your accident, hope you are O.K now and so glad you are enjoying you time in Penang. Take care and speak well! Love as always Prue

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Hi Lady B,,you got it all girl,,the Fabulous,the bad and sometimes the ugly.. but you recover fast sweetie,
    then off to new adventures.. here on Heidis Heaven on the Mount all is well …see you soon girl..on this Mountain top..
    ps.. please be sure to tell the owners of the black dog.. to bad it wasn’t me who fell. over the furry fella, I would have
    snugged up with the four legged Darling.. and let the rest of the WOLRD GO BY BYE BYE.. mooooah !!!! lo

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