Updated version of my dream: Betty’s Mountain Top……

I am taking the liberty of posting latest version of Betty’s Mountain Top, this is the concept I will be researching as I travel this year in a much more serious way and as I said in last blog I am putting together group of International Advisors to assist me, as idea develops. I also see this maybe becoming a legacy project for someone to attach their name too?!

Custom-Designed Mansion With Breathtaking Beach/Valley Views
Custom-Designed Mansion With Breathtaking Beach/Valley Views

(Contacts home for sale in Nicaragua sent to me by friends)

Here’s the updated version of BMT:


August 2014 Many years ago, I was working in Jamaica and had a very good friend who was a diplomat by the name of Kay Baxter (she sadly passed away at a very young age) and, as we travelled Jamaica, we would talk about growing old and how we wanted an interesting life with interesting people as we aged.
We talked about buying an old hotel in Jamaica and having a nurse and doctor on duty and only inviting the people we wanted to be part of our life, and complex! I have never forgotten Kay or our idea!!!
So, as I travel, I am beginning to talk about the concept of Betty’s Mountain Top (for lack of better name at this point). Not long after being in Jamaica, my Mother who had been very ill for a long time needed a Nursing Home and I became very upset as I looked for decent homes with good care and where people were not just sitting around with blank looks on their faces! It took me a lot of homes before I found one! So, this is what I know for sure that Betty’s Mountain Top should have!
1. Nice weather and sunshine; 2. Safety; 3. Medical resources nearby; 4. Invited guests from around the world (my travelling is excellent because of the people I interact with); without that, not nearly as worthwhile; 5. Could be one or a number of locations around the world (as someone said, follow the sun); 6. Could be a Hotel or a Retreat Centre; 7. Should have live in as well as day programs (could be Franchise); 8. Programs could include: * International Think Tank * Mentoring * Spiritual * Art, Music, Theatre and Design * Community Charitable Activities * World Wide Educational Opportunities * Acquiring university degrees * Healing work * Innovation work.
As we age, we may become fearful about certain issues in our life, for example financial stability, health, and children? How will we manage our time and our energy level as we age? How will we handle watching our friends die? How will we die? Memories, regrets? How can we reach a peaceful place in our lives, with self-respect, understanding, and loving ourselves? BMT, could assist in the development of spiritual knowledge with the aim of reaching a calmer place in our lives.
BMT might also become a location where authors who are writing books for the senior market, could pass through, mingling with seniors and perhaps testing certain concepts and ideas!
A friend of mine had an idea about having artists -in-residence and writers-in-residence programs. Maybe it could be divided into a number of artists’ studios and a number of writers’ studios; we could have a certain number of spots for gardeners, for people interested in food and cooking! (which would be very important to the hearts and welfare of the guests, plus provide a yummy diet!), etc.
I also feel that kids need to be somehow in the mix. I remember many years ago, I was involved in the development of a seniors’ apartment building. We put a Nursery School on the first floor and the seniors volunteered at the school. As we age I feel we have a lot to give back, resources, knowledge and wisdom. I see this place as a combination between a Salon and 1960s commune. A definition of a Salon that I like:
“A gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through CONVERSATION!!”
A friend of mine from Mallorca, named Manuela (only in her forties), got very excited about this concept and sent me the email below, which I love, particularly the “STOREHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE” idea.
Hi Betty, just a brief sharing: I dreamt of Betty’s Mountain Top! It was a big building with big rooms and high ceilings, open to everybody (like a symbol of the world as such in form of a house), where everybody could come and hang out. There was a room with telescopes to watch the stars, a library etc., etc. Symbolically it reflects the spirit of the “Living Museum” a temple dedicated to the muses, and a living storehouse of knowledge. It is already in the process. Love from the island, Manuela
At this point in time, I am looking for ideas, comments positive and negative, addition’s etc. If you have people you want to pass this on to, or people I should talk to, please let me know. Nothing in my life has ever happened in isolation, my business, charity, book, and travel and this will certainly be no exception!
Thank You, for becoming involved in my dream!! Betty


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  1. Hi Betty; Truly an awesome concept. Some other ideas. I saw a senior home where the seniors go online and help kids in foreign countries trying to learn English, and they would be their English buddy. They develop great relationships with the kids.
    I could always teach mediumship, tarot, astrology, auragraphs (which is a form of art), spirit art. Just concepts, and maybe share with the concept of Spiritualism.
    Love your blog. Thank you.
    Take care.
    Marilyn Mazzotta

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