From Unusual Penang!

I have spent just over 2 weeks in this amazing place, and I must admit I like it a lot!

Scene from Chinese Pier!
Scene from Chinese Pier!
Bufferfly Garden
Bufferfly Garden

I never would have thought of coming here, but when I was at the “International Living” Conference last year in Mexico, I met Keith, travel writer, who lives here and he convinced me that I should visit. My stay here has been a social whirlwind, of meeting new friends for coffee, lunch, dinner, and even Oktoberfest, also a formal ball, that I am having Indian outfit made for. I have met number of people from “The International Woman’s Association”, where I made speech, which I am told, was successful and inspiring.

Receiving gift from Nancy of Woman's International Association after speech!
Receiving gift from Nancy of Woman’s International Association after speech!

I also had good meeting with University of Malaysia’s Community Engagement Program, and we may work together, the BK’s made these connections for me before I arrived which was wonderful, as they always do their good work on my behalf. I also attended the opening of the, “Penang Gandhi Peace Centre”, it has great potential.

Now, how does this place work? With it’s population of about million and half people. The cultures here are Malaysians, Indians, Chinese, and Muslims, for the most part, and they all seem to respect and honour each other’s cultures (the vibes are very good) it seems to work. UNESCO has designated capital George Town, a World Heritage Site, the city is an amazing combination of old and new. Since 2009, a number of buildings and temples have been restored and preserved; I call it an amazing mish-mash.

Temple in beautiful Penang!
Temple in beautiful Penang!

The food here is a whole other joy, people from all over Asia just travel here to sample and enjoy.

Hotel, where I eat breakfast sometimes!
Hotel, where I eat breakfast sometimes!

The apartments here facing the sea are all very modern and inside very striking, curving around the floor, high ceilings, and 2 terraces. The dollar goes a lot further, and yes this is the tropics, but stores sell ski jackets and winter clothes, people are travellers, plus they send their kids to US and Canadians schools, so stores here have discovered a great market. There are lots of Expats from the entire world; Brits, French and Germans, and I have only met one other Canadian! The roads are excellent, the sidewalks are terrible, lots of holes etc., so you walk with your head down, if not, you could literally fall into a hole. A number of people I meet are truly World Citizen’s and have spent a lifetime living all over the world, they have put my Nomadic Intern title to shame! They are in number of professions, maybe even a spy or two!!!! Another week here to enjoy before Mynamar!


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  1. Love your report and the pictures! So glad you are having a good time!
    We are just home from our trip to England to be with the Archbishop of Canterbury!
    Love as always

  2. happy to hear that all is well and keep safe! life is a true gift! enjoy each day! lots of love and hugs! DEE

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