Doing check up on my life!!

It is nearly a year ago, that I made the decision to give up my apartment in downtown Toronto and give some of my furniture to friends in return for place to hang my hat when I return from travel. Am I sorry? Absolutely not, it is not always easy, but always interesting, my new family has adopted me and are very loving and respectful. It is always nice to return to my own bed and bedroom with some of my art. People ask me how I feel, well, I am 71 years old, have outlived my parents and consider myself to be very lucky to be able to do what I am doing. What I give up, some relationships, because I am not here! I feel in many ways I have fallen off the grid with anything normal, and as an old friend said to me last week, he doesn’t know anyone who is doing what I am doing! Where it will end, I have no idea. I feel sometimes that my relationship with Canada is coming to an end, but what that really means I have no idea at this point.

Betty’s Mountain Top, the concept on my blog is upmost to research on my next trip and I am starting to put together International group of Honorary Advisers to help me.

On September 25th I leave for Penang Malaysia, then on to Mynamar (the old Burma), then India, where I hope to see Dadi Janki, Mauritius, Australia, Tasmania, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, then I will be returning at the end of February in time for my granddaughter’s Megan’s Bat Mitvah. This will be a heavy-duty trip, time and mile wise, and it has been much more complicated to organize than Europe last year, we will see if this old body will cope! I have rented apartment in Penang and Maurtius with a pool. In Mynamar, I have no idea where I am staying but I will be looked after. In Australia, I will be staying with friends, and I will be spending Christmas and New Year’s with friends in Tasmania, apparently I am told I will be hosting a New Year’s party, because the house I am renting is on the sea and has fireworks at midnight. What is next after February 2015? I have no idea, but for some reason, I am not worried at all!!

Everyone, please keep in touch, be safe and healthy.



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  1. Dear Betty,

    I have great admiration for your choice in lifestyle. When, if, I make it to 70 I really hope I will flitting around the world like you!!

    Its been really bust here. I have moved to my little apartment near the beach, will be sharing my studio after deconstructing it for living in. Have to do a few things to my other house and put it on the market very soon. I am working on my Masters proposal part of which will be travelling to Mogoa Grottoes in China sometime next year.

    I have just finished some new paintings and there is a big event at the local art hotel for their 10th anniversary including their ten top artists.

    It sound alike you have found a great place to stay in Tassie thats fab. A friend of mine has just returned from an art residency in Penang and had a fantastic time, intact it has its own pace and time. Very exciting times ahead for you.

    Best wishes



  2. So good to receive this latest epistle! I am beginning to think that you should write another book! Thanks for all you do and have wonderful travel experiences in the next while! I hope it isn’t too soon to wish you a Happy Christmas, so Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Love as always Prue

  3. I can feel the adventure in your writing, Betty. It makes me want to hop on a plane and come see you for New Year’s in Tasmania. In addition to taking photos I am selfishly requesting you get yourself a little video camera and post the visuals on your blog. You sound like you are having the time of your life and very well might be starting a trend for the rest of us to follow. Peace and safe travels! Love you!!!! Looking forward to more on Betty’s Mountain – make a documentary.

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