France and Barcelona

ImageCourtyard Panorama

Last week I left Palma, I flew to Barcelona and took the high speed train on a 2 hour trip to France to see my friend Pat from Toronto. I had met Pat about 5 years ago at a documentary film festival and we became friends.

She lived down the street, she talked a lot about a house she was restoring in Limoux, France (a town in Southern France in the foothills of the Pyrenees) to rent out for family holidays and I was very curious to see the results. Well what greeted me was amazing! Pat calls her home a Clercy property, I call it a Chateau!!! Just beautiful in every way!! The entry passage has a 16th century courtyard and the main house was built in the 12th or 13th century. Needless to say it is a large home; with a European style Kitchen, high ceilings and the work on the ceiling just blew me away (all original), with original Floors, beautiful stone staircases, stone walls, timber beams and 7 star hotel bathrooms all with footed tubs and even a swimming pool overlooking the river in this small 10,000 person town, this place belongs in a decorating magazine, BIG TIME! I told Pat I was very proud of her for what she has accomplished, she has rented to people all over the world and at this point is full for the summer but if anyone wants a French home experience, this is it in style!!!

ImageEntry Hall

I have spent the last 2 days in Barcelona as guest of the Brahma Kumaris in their beautiful home in the centre of the city. This city has to be on the list of the world’s most beautiful places, the Spanish show such pride in their city! I always pinch myself finding it hard to believe how fortunate I am to have a connection to the BK’S.

Over the years I have met amazing and diverse people all over the world and I’ve learned a lot about life and myself, as I discussed in my book!  On a practical level, having a connection on the ground in any city is very valuable and helpful in every way and it is done with such kindness and support. Thank you to the Barcelona family; Sister Pilar and Sister Marta. I am just leaving The Picasso Museum. I have loved Picasso’s work for years, but have never seen such a collection showing his evolution from when he was painting Landscapes, religious, and people to the famous pieces we all recognise today! It is well worth a visit!

ImageView From The Kitchen

Well that’s all for now, send me news? How is our dear Mayor? I think international media has given up on him.


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