From Gstaad to Glasgow, with Palma in between.

It is a Sunday afternoon when I write this. I am sitting in a pub having a little champagne and tapas. It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Gstaad mountains
Gstaad mountains

I went to Switzerland for the Spirit of Humanity meeting, staying at a magnificent chalet. It was owned by a member of our group and was like a 5 star hotel! At one point I was fooling around with what I thought was the heating controls and a TV appeared out of the floor!

Train ride!
Train ride!

The meeting was in Gstaad where the rich and famous love to ski: Royalty, Julie Andrews, even Roger Moore. It was like being in a living picture postcard. Sun, snow and mountains, quite stunning.

Sunday afternoon by the sea
Sunday afternoon by the sea

My other excitement was my decision to rent a flat to come back here in February. Mallorca is such a great base to travel around Europe from: very cheap flights, AND I’ve found a lovely place near to the castle! I’ve agreed to buy linens, which I understand is normal, but just as well that I looked inside the kitchen cabinets as there wasn’t much in there either. But as you know the kitchen and I have never been the best of friends! I am enjoying Mallorca: meeting interesting people, I even took Spanish lessons for a week: sadly not my talent.

 My afternoon at the pub ended with me being asked to join the next table and meeting the architect of the building, but that’s Mallorca! Now I am on my way to Glasgow in Scotland for a week to see friends.

Please write and send me your news, everywhere I go people are asking me about our Mayor, what a classy guy. 


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  1. Yes! So great you’re staying out there. I think it will be at least February before I can afford a holiday so looking forward to visiting already. Big hug til soon, x x

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