From India to Mallorca, with London in between


I departed Toronto on September 26th to begin my nomadic journey, leaving behind my apartment: still full of furniture and good friends who were committed to do the big moving job on my behalf (how lucky was I to miss it). First stop was India for 12 days.  I attended a meeting called “Call Of The Time” with 50 attendees from around the world. It was put on at the Brahma Khumaris World  Spiritual University at Mount Abu. It was wonderful 3 days led by Sister Jayanti who is responsible for the BKs in Europe,  and my old friend as I call her Dadi Janki who is 97 and who has taught me more in the last  20 years than anyone else. Dadi speaks Hindi, so we chat through a translator, and we seem to connect! I was also in India to bring closure to some hospital work  that I have been involved with over the last few years, so  meetings went well. Then I had lovely treat I was invited by the Maharaleigh (sp) family to spend 5 days with them, it was lovely. It was a really special treat! So, I said goodbye to India after I had connected with special and old friends and left for Mallorca, the real start of my Nomadic Journey.

I arrived in Palma de Mallorca, but my luggage didn’t which wasn’t fun. I first went to the town of Orient, population of 20. Orient is very beautiful, but strange. I was greeted by the hotel owner who looked at me and said I must have Bubonic Plague because I had been in India: just a little old fashioned. It got weirder, and by the end of week I had renamed the village Peyton Place after the old TV show. There were lots of dinners with plenty of wine flowing: I would have had to have had a liver transplant if I had stayed. I next went to the seaside to a lovely apartment overlooking the sea, but all in German, but I was good and met people along the way. Then to Palma:  I finally arrived and checked into my little guest house on the main shopping street of Palma, which is like Bloor St with all the fancy stores. The house has only 4 rooms and I am not sure I it is legal in apartment building but it is quite comfortable and clean. Then with my base set up I went to London for a few days to my friend Briony’s magazine launch. Then I went to visit my friend Thulie and we went to the movies which is one thing I really miss.

Mallorca is a very complex society: 26 percent unemployment but no one seems stressed about it at all, many stores are closed on Saturdays and all of them on Sundays! I am told 49 percent of mothers are single parents but I see lots of generations of families walking the streets with prams in the evenings. I had only been here for 2 days when I was asked by the English newspaper for an interview, which I thought was funny!

Palma is a city of about 300’000 people, with lots of lovely streets and alleyways, a  very funky area called Santa Catalina which I love, a market where you can walk around with a glass of wine in your hand, very civilised. I’ve fallen in love with a car; it is a black and white and a very, VERY small electric car. I found the local English language movie theatre in a refurbished slaughter plant! I am looking at a lovely flat where from the terrace you can see the sea and city. It is high up on a hill. Next week I am starting Spanish lessons with the crews of the yachts, which should be fun.

As you know I love to assist people wherever I go and I have found a lady called Glynis who has had an enormous finca donated to her. She hopes to start some programmes up there for under privileged women. I am helping her put structure around that idea, setting up the Board of Directors etc.  that is going to be fun for me, especially in Spanish…!



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  1. Betty, I thought the USA had the most embarressing politician( Andrew Weiner with his sexting!),but Canada has now won that title with the Mayor Ford. You Canadians are very competitive! Natalie PS I am enjoying the blog!!

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