I arrived in Ajijic in the middle of September. I had a reservation to visit Namaste, the spiritual community I had visited twice before, but certainly no intention of staying there. But the apartment I had always liked became free the day after I arrived; the previous tenant had just moved out. The apartment needed a lot of work but the staff at Namaste repainted and fixed everything. So here I was with a dilemma: do I continue to look for an apartment in town, or think seriously about being here?

The apartment has lots of light. It’s up high, so one can see the lake and I can even see the sunrise from my bed. It has a mirador on the roof with a view of lake and mountains, and it has privacy! Although a small space at 300 square feet, it fulfills a wish I have always had: to decorate a small house or space.

So, I moved in last week with a team of friends helping. Namaste provided some of the things I needed, but I bought a lot of stuff from the great consignment shops here. Believe it or not, the furniture I had to buy cost about $500 Canadian, and they are very nice pieces! I was very excited to unpack and put everything away for the first time in 10 years. My friend Dan is storing all of my luggage— all six bags!

As many of you know, I always talked about finding ‘Betty’s Mountain Top’, and Ajijic is the closest I have found, with lots of culture, music, and friends. It’s never boring, with more activities than you can do, and at Namaste, new people from all over the world arrive on a regular basis.

Stopping travel is an easy decision; it just wasn’t fun anymore. I am so glad I have completed my bucket list: lots of countries (I am told 155…a gentleman I met on the world cruise I went on in 2009 keeps track of travellers like me for a newsletter).

I am very happy here, and have various projects to keep me busy. I am working with a travel agent in London (more on this later), sourcing turquoise for a jeweller in the UK, and giving my travelling course here.

Judi,  who helps me with my blog from Calgary, has suggested that I keep my blog. But instead of trip news, I should write essays on the different aspects of travel. I think this is the first one!! I am not sure what this will look like, but envision blending practical information with stories from my own trips. Some of the topics could be Baggage, COVID-19, Safety, Finances, Fear, Different Cultures, Friends & Relationships, Location Selection, Visas, Passport & Documents, Insurance, Food, Activities, Acceptance, Curiosity, Travelling Alone, and the State of the World. In fact, the State of the World could be the first one.

Please let me know what you think of this idea?

And I have told everyone I know in Canada and the UK to visit me here!
— Betty



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  1. Congratulations, Betty! I’m thrilled that you found your place and have settled in. Looking forward to reading your essays. Take care and keep in touch! xoxoxo Kathy

  2. Betty, it was good to talk with you yesterday, and fun to see your colourful treehouse apartment today.

    It all sounds good!


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