Leaving India

Every time I leave this wonderful, colorful, and frustrated place, I always shake my head and laugh; it is true Ying and Yang..
This visit has been excellent – attending a conference with people from all over the world, working on my book, seeing old friends and making new ones.

One of my decisions when I arrived was to really try and figure out if I should keep on travelling? Well, I am leaving with invites to Sri Lanka, flat offered in London, Turkey and France. One of the questions on my mind is should I stay in the UK after the manuscript is given to the publisher in order to work on launches for the book? Maybe this is wise to do.

My daughter Jody was remarried during October, this was a particularly difficult day for me, because if I couldn’t be there I was in the best place.
I wish Jody and Laurie, all the very best for their new life together. 

So, my decision, travel of course!

I have now travelled to India 24 times over the last 30 years. It has just become part of my life and is one of my heart homes.
Indian people are ying and yang and for the most part, charming, elegant, well spoken, good manners, and on a bad day the reverse can be seen – I think that can be said for all of us.

Their family life is very strong and respect for their elders and children is front and centre.
As far as the BKs, it is an International Organization with centres literally all over the globe; I am not saying it is perfect, there are politics, power struggles just like with any organization, but at least they are trying to start from a place of respect, kindness, love, and honesty, which is so important.
They have accepted me as a close friend, and have given me access all over the world to many centres, which means wherever I am travelling, there is a contact.

I stay at the centres sometimes but not usually.
I value this relationship very much, it keeps growing and expanding which is great, and every time I visit their headquarters in India, just like an onion, another layer is peeled away and I learn more about how this place works. Seeing behind the scenes on how housing and feeding thousands of people (on some days) can happen.

I am also invited to a number of events, which get pulled off like no one can with all the pomp and circumstance.

This time a fellow from Australia – David – who is a Musician and Artist, baked the very best bread I have ever tasted, it is a 12 hour process for him and every morning he arrives with his treat for breakfast.

It is a 4 hour journey down the mountain top where you stay at a centre before travelling, and there is a wonderful young man who has greeted me there for 30 years, he arranges all international arrivals and departures, just very special people !!

On my way to beautiful exotic Maurtius on the Indian Ocean, flying Saudi Arabian Airlines, which is new for me.


Never fly Saudi Arabian Airlines!!!

More on next blog.

Diwali lights
Desert Rose Concert in the park!
Getting ready to leave India
And more!!

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