Paradise Retreat Centre in Delhi India

Well, I am back in India for 2 weeks where I am attending “Call of the Time” which is held every 2 years in India at the World Spiritual University, hosted by the Brahma Kumaris (BK). I am fortunate enough to be invited; it is attended by individuals that have had or have a leadership role in the world in some capacity.

I am also here to work with a colleague on my book. I have just carefully reviewed again 30 chapters that have been completed, we have a few more to go and I must admit I am very pleased. The manuscript will be delivered to the Publisher by the end of the year, and a launch date will happen next spring.

Geeta, owner of the Hillock Hotel – the most beautiful hotel in Mt Abu – which is also the world headquarters of the BK’S has also kindly offered to host a launch event for the book, I am so delighted.

When I arrived in Delhi, I spent 4 days at a beautiful retreat centre an hour from the centre of the city. Orc, as it is called, is 28 acres of Paradise, beautiful buildings, 25 resident Peacocks and birds of all kinds; lots of noise first thing in the morning with all the birds. I was the only westerner there at the time, the centre was full of youth from the Indian Rotary club, they were also on a retreat. Mornings were spent exercising on mats on the lawns, many hundreds of people can be housed on site, which is totally self efficient – solar energy, waste management, every environmental process is working there; many organizations could take a lesson!

Sister Asha, the head, is a superb leader in every way. I spent a day travelling with her to launch a new centre in the city, which was fun. This retreat center is just amazing in every way, you will see by the pictures!


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  1. Hi Betty!!

    So great to see your updates and so glad you are well and your book is close to launch. All very exciting.

    I am not working w Kidzpace anymore (except one account) so I thought it best to send you my personal email which is

    I am starting a new ‘gig’ in the new year flying as a flight attendant on private jets out of Toronto. I think it will be great fun and some traveling is always great.

    Hope you are well!!!

  2. Hi

    My favourite place will go there when opportunity arrives again.

    We have been there once and planning to go there, when we visit India next time.

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