In very chilly Toronto!

I arrived in the middle of April and I am still wearing my down jacket, just crazy! I am here until the end of May. I am catching up with friends and family, shopping, Doctors, etc.

I am saddened by what our Prime Minister is doing. Trudeau is a very nice human being, but he is having a tough time with politics and the media now. I hope he can overcome. His father was client of mine for a short time many years ago. What a brain and how it worked!!!

It is a joy to see the Grandkids grow and flourish. I just returned from Montreal to see my great friend Eric. Montreal is a very cool city. It feels like a European city, particularly old Montreal and the flooding is very real.

The new renovated BK centre is very impressive,  and has name of.. Inspiration House….very well done. We hosted Dr Partap’s (CEO of Global Hospital) sister and brother in law at the centre.

The Screenplay of My Way is now completed. We shall see what happens. I would love to see it made before I die. Movies take a long time.

Off to Iceland end of May!

At new BK Centre in Toronto with guests from India, sister and brother in law of Dr Partap, CEO of Global Hospital.

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  1. Wonderful,you movie star,writer and traveller!Love youMathildesister

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