I am now in Cambridge UK for one month, seeing friends, sorting out luggage, and seeing movies at my favorite movie house in the world. I am still doing interviews for my book. I was interviewed for one hour today by a reporter from the travel section of one of the National Newspapers on my travels, and in particular, about the Freighter Ship I travelled on last fall.

I have made the decision to try out living in UK for a few months. I will spend time in Christ Church Dorset, between Southampton and Bournemouth in the south west of the country. It’s a lovely home for the summer, first floor of a heritage home in the middle of town.

In September I will move about 10 minutes away to an equally beautiful place, on the top floor of a home, for a few months. I will go to Toronto in September for 2 weeks and in October I hope to go to India.

I am also doing research on another Freighter Trip, possibly around the world, not sure if it is feasible?

I will also make several trips to London to see plays, attend the Prom concerts and for a friends book launch.

So, I will have a base in UK for a while; let’s see what that feels like!



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  1. Hi Betty Thanks for this one. It sounds as though all is going well for you so far and your choices of where to live in England sound good. Hope we can see you in Toronto in September, so please stay in touch and suggest dates. Meantime take care and hope you have good weather over the summer to enjoy your location. Love as always Prue >

  2. Hey Betty Tell me more about the interview with the travel writer from the newspaper about your freighter voyage. Which newspaper? When it is published please send me a copy. You may remember that I sent you my log from my freighter trip last September. Your round the world voyage looks interesting. There are many available with ‘The Cruise People,. in London and while you are there you may be able to go to their office and discuss it with them. Far better face to face than just the website.Best wishesSteve Merrill

  3. Looks great! Glad you figured it out. We’ll head back to Italy and Greece in late September for a couple of months. Let’s stay in touch. A big hug to you.Barbara

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